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Rowanvale is an independent assisted self-publishing company that's passionate about helping authors reach their potential. Whether you're ready to self-publish or you're just looking for a bit of advice on where to go and what to do next, we can help.

How we can help you

With Rowanvale, you can choose from a wide variety of self-publishing packages and services that are tailored to suit you. With a professional and dedicated team behind you, you have everything you need to achieve your publishing dreams.

Self-publish your book in Paperback and all popular eBook formats, enjoy global distribution to thousands of retailers and work with a specialist marketing team to help ensure the book reaches its full potential, both in the UK and worldwide.

Beta Reading service! Need an outside opinion on your manuscript? Have it analysed by five experienced beta readers!
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You're in the driver's seat

When you choose self-publishing with Rowanvale Books, you are in control every step of the way. From editorial changes to setting the RRP, you have the final word in every stage of publication. After all, this is your book - your vision - and you deserve to have a finished product that you can be proud of!


Questions about the publishing process?

Check out our FAQs for more information on how we do things here at Rowanvale, and what you can expect from working with us!
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