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Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service

Book editing is one of the most crucial aspects of publishing, whether you're working with a publishing company or going it alone. Having a well-written manuscript can make all the difference - not only to your book sales, but to your reputation as an author. For that reason, we believe book editing should be as high-quality (and yet as cost-effective) as possible, because it's not something any author should be without!

What does it cost?

Example price (based on a 30,000w manuscript):

  • Copy-editing and TWO rounds of proofreading = £465.63 (£0.015pw)
  • Copy-editing and ONE round of proofreading = £398.61 (£0.013pw)
  • Copy-editing only = £305.77 (£0.010pw)
  • TWO rounds of proofreading = £177.33 (£0.005pw)
  • ONE round of proofreading = £101.58 (£0.003pw)

The price of this service depends on word count.

For an accurate quote for this service, please contact us and a Publishing Advisor will be happy to help.

Why is this service useful?

One of the tell-tale signs of a poor-quality self-published book is the lack of professional book editing. Badly written books, or texts with errors littered throughout, can really harm an author's reputation.

This is why we value book editing so deeply and why we include, as minimum, at least one round of proofreading in all of our publication packages and will not accept any manuscript for publication without this criteria being fulfilled. This is one of the USPs of our company as, we feel that any company that does not include at least one round of proofreading is guilty of vanity publishing.

We also offer this Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service as a stand-alone service, which means that authors can ensure their manuscript is edited to high standards, regardless of where and how they publish. This might be beneficial if you are looking to self-publish via KDP or if you are hoping to approach a literary agent or traditional publisher. We can also help further with our Literary Agent Package and our KDP Publishing Package.

What does the service include?

Depending on what level of copy-editing and proofreading you require, you can have just some of these rounds or all of them. Another of our USPs is that we feel it is important to have multiple pairs of eyes look over a manuscript and not just one. For this reason, up to three members of the editorial team will be assisting with your manuscript.

From the moment that I first submitted the script to Rowanvale, I knew that I was in safe hands! Cat and Sarah provided a very personal and meticulous service. Sarah’s editorial skills are incredible; she picks up the smallest errors and is always happy to offer advice, satisfy the author’s requests and make changes cheerfully. Rowanvale do exactly as they claim. Whereas other publishers treat authors merely as sources of revenue and do not offer or provide a tailored service, Rowanvale treat every author as an individual. I would recommend Rowanvale to all aspiring authors who feel in need of guidance and a friendly and professional contact and to give Rowanvale a chance to prove their skills and demonstrate their caring attitude.

Tony Maclachlan, author of The Wobbly Kings of England and They Came Three Thousand Miles and Died: The American War of Independence
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