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Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service

Book editing is one of the most crucial aspects of publishing, whether you're working with a publishing company or going it alone. Having a well-written manuscript can make all the difference - not only to your book sales, but to your reputation as an author. For that reason, we believe book editing should be as high-quality (and yet as cost-effective) as possible, because it's not something any author should be without! 

In a nutshell

Each manuscript is reviewed by more than one pair of eyes, since even the best editor can miss errors occasionally. Our Writing Advisors will provide you with an Editorial Summary to give context, clarity and explain ways to improve your writing in general. As an author you can review, approve and decline changes and suggestions as you wish - we believe in full author control. 

What it costs

Costs dependent on word count and editing level of manuscript. Please speak to a Publishing Advisor for an accurate quote. 


  • A thorough Proofread & Copy-Edit, carried out by a Writing Advisor who will take your preferences into account
  • A second Proofread, by a different member of the editorial team
  • An extra Quality Control check, carried out by a third member of the team
  • An Editorial Summary, highlighting areas of improvement

Why do we do this?

One of the tell-tale signs of a poor-quality, self-published book is the lack of professional book editing. Badly written books, or texts with errors littered throughout, can really harm an author's reputation, which is why we value book editing so deeply. We include book editing in all of our publication packages, and the Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service is also available as a stand-alone service, which means that authors can ensure their manuscript is edited to high standards, regardless of where and how they publish.

How do we do this?

Once you're ready to go, the Senior Writing Advisor will send you an Editorial Preferences Form, so that you can provide more information about what you are looking for during the editorial process. 

Your Writing Advisor will then complete the edit and this will be sent back to you for your review (along with your Editorial Summary).

Once you have reviewed the edit, your Writing Advisor will implement the changes as per your preferences. The Senior Writing Advisor will then send the implemented manuscript back to you for your review and approval.

A second member of the editorial team will then carry out the second proofread and this will be sent back to you for your review. 

Once you have reviewed this, the Writing Advisor will implement the changes as per your preferences and this will be sent back to you for your approval. 

Lastly, a third member of the editorial team will carry out the final Quality Control check and then the finished manuscript will be sent back to you for final review and approval. 

If your boiler’s on the blink most of us would call in a plumber rather than attempt it ourselves, right? Well the same rules applies to writing. My Account Manager Tessa is a specialised expert in her field who guides you down the right channels, through the appropriate processes and makes something which at first feels so overwhelming, eventually become a comfortable breeze. Every aspect is covered; from the editing, proofing and polishing of your work down to the nitty gritty financial side of things regarding royalties and declaring earnings to the tax office. Without assisted self-publishing I would just be someone with an idea scribbled on a few scraps of paper with no idea where to go or what to do. It’s a no-brainer.…

The whole publication process was an alien concept to me prior to this and I have been guided through, step-by-step, with an unending level of support on hand throughout. You are not just a number or a commodity to them, they really do care about you as an individual and put you and your work at the heart of everything they do. My Account Manager Tessa was exceptional from start to finish and I am forever indebted to her for her continuous hard work, industry knowledge and (the poor lass) having to put up with my incessant rambling marathon-message emails over the past year. The illustrations produced by Callum are astounding and now I very much look forward to working alongside April with the marketing in the coming months. It genuinely feels like you are working with friends - that is the type of environment that Rowanvale Books create for their clients.

I've made my feelings about everything and everyone very clear many times before - you guys made magic happen for me and I'll never forget that. Thank you!!!!

​Jonathon Ward, author of Mutant Tummy Apple Tree
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