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Your Self Publishing Journey

Are you thinking about self-publishing but worried about what will happen to your book? Not sure what assisted self-publishing means for you? We appreciate that the wealth of information available about self-publishing can be overwhelming, so let us take you on a journey through assisted self-publishing to make sure you know where you stand.

Here at Rowanvale, we strongly believe in building real relationships with our authors, which is why we allow you to have direct contact with everyone working on your book and don’t pass you from pillar to post speaking to 10 different people along the way (like the world's largest self publisher does!) We want to get to know the person behind the words just as much as you want to know who we are, which is why we’ve included photos of ourselves on our website and regularly feature our everyday lives on our social media pages.

Step 1 - Getting in Touch

So, you’ve decided to self-publish and taken the first step towards creating a professionally published book and got in touch - great! Your first port of call will be one of our Publishing Advisors. They will spend a great deal of time getting to know you, finding out what your publishing goals are and helping you create a bespoke publishing package that suits your needs. Your Publishing Advisor will ensure you fully understand your publishing package and discuss a variety of flexible payment options with you. Unlike some other publishing companies, you will develop your own tailored publishing package with just one person who you'll get to know really well. This ensures consistency throughout the process, stops you having to repeat yourself and helps us get to know what you really want to achieve from the get go.

Step 2 - Beginning the Publication Process

When you’ve signed your contract and are ready to begin, you will be assigned an Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be your main point of contact for any questions you have throughout the entire publication process. Now is the time to submit your manuscript, hand over any images or photographs you’d like to use as inspiration and complete your Publishing Preferences Form. This form is your chance to provide the team with all your ideas and thoughts about your project.

Step 3 - Producing Your Book

When you’ve shared all your ideas with us, your Account Manager will hand over your project to our Design Team and our Editorial Team, who will begin to create your vision. Both teams will work on your project simultaneously, so you’ll be hearing from your Designer and Senior Writing Advisor at the same time.

Depending on which publishing package you’ve decided upon, your manuscript will be read by up to three of our Writing Advisors (we feel this helps ensure that the finished product is spot on!) and there will be multiple opportunities for you to review and give feedback on their work before your manuscript is signed off.

You will also communicate directly with the Designer creating your illustrations and/or cover design. They will create several concepts based on your ideas and give you plenty of opportunities to provide feedback and make adjustments so you’re totally happy with the design before you move on to the next stage of the publication process.

When you’re happy with your manuscript, cover design and any illustrations, your Designer will format your book according to your formatting preferences. We want to help you create your dream book, so everything is done on your say so.

Step 4 - Finishing Line

When you’re totally happy with your book, your project will be handed back to your Account Manager. This will be the same Account Manager that you began the Publication Process with. As Amazon is now the largest book retailer in the world, we use top industry software to carry out advanced keyword and category research to help give your book the best chance of success. This includes helping your book to gain book reviews and exposure, in order to rise up the rankings to hopefully become an Amazon bestseller.

We are one of the only self-publishing companies to use this advanced software. This is because we believe that, especially in the post-COVID 19 world, becoming successful on Amazon is extremely important for authors to become successful.

If you are having a paperback published, they will send you a physical proof copy of your book for you to review and give your feedback on. If you are having an eBook published, then your Account Manager will arrange the conversion of the files into an eBook and send to you for your approval.

Any changes you require will be implemented and your book will be finalised and sent to our distributor, ready to distribute to retailers around the world (including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles).

Your Account Manager will ensure you are happy with your finished product, answer any questions you may have and order any additional copies you wish to purchase. They will also provide you with information about royalties, retailers and marketing.

Step 5 - Marketing Your Book

If you’ve opted for our Marketing and Aftercare service, one of our Marketing Advisors will be in touch with you after your book has been published to help you create a marketing strategy of your own or discuss accessing top level book marketing and publicity services via our strategic alliance with selected top UK and US publicity companies.

You did it! Your manuscript is polished, your cover design is eye-catching, and your book is available to purchase – congratulations!

We are still available via email or one of our social media channels after your book has been published if you have any additional queries, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!