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How It Works

The aim of the game is to write 10,000 words, whether that be a short story, an opening chapter, or the conclusion to your novel. No matter the project - we want to help you make progress, and get helpful editorial feedback while you're at it! 

Entries must be submitted via the Submit form found on the top bar above. Authors must submit a minimum of 1,000 words, and therefore up to 10 entries can be posted within the month!

Getting Feedback

Club members should visit each other's pages and read fellow authors' entries. It is expected that you will leave a comment on at least two entries during the month, but of course, if you'd like to do more this is highly encouraged!

- Feedback should always be constructive. For example, one positive aspect that you liked about the text, and one area that you felt could be improved. This could be about the plot as a whole, or even about one or two sentences

An example that you might give as feedback is, 'I really liked the forest setting here. Maybe you could include some more adjectives to make it more descriptive.'

If you ever see or receive a comment that you find offensive, please use the report concern button to let us know. We will not edit comments, but reserve the right to remove comments that are offensive or otherwise against the spirit of the community. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but abuse is not.

-  During the course of the month, you will receive editorial feedback from two professional Writing Advisors on your work, and this could be on your first sample, your fourth or even your last! So keep submitting, writers! :)

Celebrating your Achievements!

For every thousand words that you hit, you can tweet your achievement using the hashtag format #RWC1000 (for example, #RWC6000) and just tag us in too to celebrate your goal! This will allow us to check your progress and congratulate you on getting closer to the finish line! We would also encourage you to congratulate each other - after all, this is a club! Towards the end of the month, we will be in touch with some prizes for all club members, as well as awarding the top five entries the chance to be published in our upcoming anthology!


Copyright Information

Many of you may be wondering about copyright law, and whether there is a risk in posting your work online. Rest assured, we’ve got the skinny on stealing:

We must emphasise that we can’t be held responsible for the actions of the other members in the club, but we’d like to think that it’s a friendly, supportive and trusting space. All members of the Rowanvale Writers’ Club are not obliged to share any more than they feel comfortable with; if they feel particularly protective of the ending, for example, they are not obliged to release this information into the public domain. We always believe that the more a writer puts in, the more they’ll get out, but you are, of course, entitled to share and withhold whatever aspects of the story that you wish. 

Regarding copyright, we completely understand that every writer’s work is valued and precious to them, but stealing material is not something that authors should be concerned by. Copyright depends on the ‘first author’ of a piece of work and you are automatically covered by this. If you have any questions about copyright, please don’t hesitate to ask us. All the samples that are posted on the blog will specify the writer’s name, which you can always refer back to.

This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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