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How To: Work Out Your Ideal Word Count

Find out your ideal word count based on the industry standards of your specific genre!
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How To: Find Motivation and Manage your Writing Time

Struggling to find the time to write? Not anymore!
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How To: Self-Edit Your Own Work

If you want your 10,000 words to be as high quality as possible, we recommend checking out these tips!
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How To: Cut Down your Content

Do you struggle with keeping down the word count? Check out these tips for shortening a manuscript!
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How To: Create a Believable Character

Dreaming up compelling characters can be more difficult that it first seems - get some tips from the pros here!
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How To: Choose the Right Point of View

First or third person narrative? Find out which is best for you!
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How To: Write Your Narrative Voice

​​ The narrative voice you choose gives a personality to your novel before any plot movement or characterisation has even begun - learn how to do it like a pro!
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How To: Write a Good Flashback

Flashbacks are a great way to reveal a backstory, so make sure the ones you write are epic!
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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