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Wylie Forrester

The Roses Grow Black

Chapter One(18 minute read)

Rough draft of the first chapter, punctuation and grammar are not my strong point. Intended to be a short novel.

Freya. I remember carving my name in to the huge oak tree in our back garden with my father’s pen knife, I was so excited when I ran out into the garden that day. My father had made a swing out of wood and rope attached to a sturdy...
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Chapter Two(3 minute read)

Short second chapter

How I manage to get up the stairs in my current physical state I have no idea but I do, I make it to my brother’s bedroom retrieving the key from under the bed and stumble over to unlock the wardrobe door; my brothers start screaming. “FREYA” Eamon cries...
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Continuation From Previous Chapter(5 minute read)

Have still to put together the chapters in a better order.

Freya…It’s papa; wake up now my darling, please wake up.” I try to open my eyes at the sound of his voice but my right eye won’t cooperate. I can feel pressure on my shoulder as I manage to slowly open my left eye; my surroundings are blurry and my...
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Continuation from previous chapter(3 minute read)


Chapter Four “In a cottage in a wood A little old man by the window stood Saw a rabbit passing by, knocking at his door. Help me! Help me! Help he said. Or the hunter will shoot me dead. Come little rabbit, Come with me Happy we shall be.” Eamon’s...
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