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Vanessa Paige Yorba

Beyond The Veil

Entry 1(8 minute read)

This is the first chapter to a fantasy novel I am going to work on. It begins with the word Hollyhocks because the first section of the book is going to follow my protagonist, Hollyhocks, while later on in the book, it's going to switch and follow another character.

Hollyhocks Chapter 1. Imagine with me, Dear Reader, a world very different from the one in which you live. Not a world with smooth paved roads or fancy cars. Not a world where your best friend is a phone call away. Not a world where every bit of information ever...
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Chapter 2(6 minute read)

The second chapter takes place years after the first. Hollyhocks is now a curious, beautiful fairy child. I believe a bit of fairy knowledge is required to better understand some of the other characters from the story. Pixies are thought to be of Celtic origin. They are very small and extremely fast. Contrary to common belief, pixies do not have wings, but they do have very pointed ears. They are very mischievous and delight in misleading and/or tormenting people; causing one to lose their way or walk in circles without realizing it, or even throwing one's clothes off the line. To avoid pixie magic, one must wear his or her clothes inside-out. Pixies typically wear clothes made of grass. It is believed that pixies are so playful because they are the souls of humans who died as infants. Fairy rings are the result of pixies dancing so it is said, and those who enter a fairy ring are transported into the fairy realm, instantly becoming invisible to the human world.

That night turned into day which then turned into weeks which then turned into seasons. And with those seasons Hollyhocks grew. She was a happy, lively, curious little girl. So often she left her home and went a-wondering through the Forest. But her favorite thing to do was to...
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Chapter Three(8 minute read)

Just a side note. The queen pillywiggin who lived long ago that Shaylee speaks of here whose name is unknown is actually named Ariel. I actually found this out after I did my initial research, but I decided to leave her name unknown. Also, the young stranger mentioned in this chapter is a subtle mention of Jack Frost, who, according to certain tales, is a Sprite.

“Hurry up Hollyhocks!” JuJuBee shouted over her shoulder. With the speed of a fox, she ran through the field of wildflowers that lay south of the village. Shaylee rode skillfully yet swiftly upon the back of a vibrant teal dragonfly, weaving carefully through the flowers like a needle and...
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Chapter Four(10 minute read)

How to summon a Fairy: Fairies like sweet things, expecially lemon treats. Say: Good Fairy Folk, wild and free Beyond the veil, please let me see. It is believed that only those with pure hearts can see fairies. Once a human has asked to see a fairy, the fairy will watch the human for a number of days. Once the fairy has confirmed that the human has a good or pure heart, it may decide to allow itself to be seen.

Chapter Four. She didn't tell her tell her mother and father about the wedding.“What they don't know won't hurt them,”JuJuBee had told her. Though that might be true, was it wrong of her? She had never thought about right and wrong before. Everything she had ever known, everything she had...
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Chapter Five(9 minute read)


For three days they watched her. They listened to her sing and care for her baby. They heard the baby cry more often than not it sometimes seemed. “See?” JuJuBee said once. “I told you – they're loud and they smell.” Hollyhocks did not quite understand why they had to...
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Chapter Six(8 minute read)


She could see them! At last, Miss Edith could see them! Hollyhocks was filled with energy and enthusiasm like she had not known before, and it quite excited her even more. What was she going to do with herself? Surely she thought she could burst. She held her fingers to...
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