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Chapter 1: John(10 minute read)

The first chapter.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me when he said I had a terminal illness. Well I say surprise but I sort of expected it, something inside me seemed wrong and it turns out there was. After the diagnosis came the sympathy. The crying as people apologized...
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Chapter 2: Peas(5 minute read)

Possibly the weaker chapter in the current story hopefully the later chapters will be better.

The response to my post happened very quickly. I only had about 100 of my friends on ‘Fubit’ but over an hour had passed and already my post had 107 favorites. 107! Who were the people who didn’t even know me? Most of the comments were as I expected...
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Chapter Three - Senses(9 minute read)

The 3rd chapter in this story, I hope you enjoy!

I wasn’t always so accepting of my illness. It is said that there are certain stages a person may go through when diagnosed with a terminal illness. There is denial, rage, depression and acceptance. They say these things because they are true. The doctor tried to break it to...
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Chapter 4 - Home(7 minute read)


I have only ever known the ‘home’. My parents died when I was 1 so I have no idea what they were like. Both of them were orphans as well so I have no family, yay! There is no one in this world that I know to be a...
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Chapter 5 - Reina(9 minute read)

Please read...

Chapter 5- Reina The sun blossomed above the roof tops filling the city with life. Suddenly I could hear the birds’ song and the impatient noise of passing cars. Suddenly I could see people moving below their eyes filled with tiredness and I could see a dog running in happiness...
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Chapter 6- Bang(3 minute read)

Please read....

‘What the hell where you thinking Johnny?’ Amy was shouting at me, ‘Going out without telling anyone where. We thought you did something terrible.’ I was sitting in her room, my head in my hands. Her room was spotless with the bed neatly made and the desk tidy. The...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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