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Lynette Williams

The Death House

Prologue(6 minute read)

1st chapter of a murder/horror. Not sure yet how it's going to end.

‘The night was their special time. Squawking, squeaking, scraping. The spindles twirled, kicked and pierced.........’ The street was pleasant enough. A mixture of semi-detached and detached houses with the odd bungalow, squeezed in between. Some modern, others built as far back as a hundred years ago; probably built as...
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Chapter Two(7 minute read)

I have tried to use more dialogue in this chapter to reveal the story. (Making use of great advice.) Hope I am moving in the right direction!

‘I have to sell now...... OK. Get me what you can...... Look Steve, whatever it is just get it....... I have only a month before the bank goes to court for a repossession order....... Yes, thanks mate...... Keep in touch.’ Tony put the phone down on the estate agent...
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Chapter Three(4 minute read)

I hope I've got the plot, characters, dialogue etc. right. Moving it along more in the next chapter.

‘Hi Amrit.’ Said Joe, balancing a tray with coffee and sandwiches. ‘Not had chance to catch up with you for a while. Sitting down?’ ‘Oh, hi Joe. Yes I could do with a chat about that house on Cart Street. I’ll just get a drink.’ D.I. Joe Pearson was...
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Chapter Four(6 minute read)

Hopefully - still building the evil.

The next morning Joe sought out his mate, in the legal department at police headquarters. Three hours later Bill Sheffield tapped on his office door and walked in. He was carrying a big pile of paper which he plonked on Joe’s desk. ‘What took you so long?’ Smiled Joe...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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