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Kate Lawrenson

Deborah Bell

Introduction(2 minute read)


RUNNING. Ella was running. Running so fast that her bare feet blurred on the gravel-strewn tarmac, glossy in the rain, the gathering pools reflecting the night sky, peppered with stars. Apton was a small town, fairly well-to-do, and it’s sleepy, safe confines explained its lack of street lighting. The gaps...
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Chapter 1(5 minute read)


FOUR MONTHS EARLIER Nurse Cooper, slim and smart in her white uniform, the one with the green piping (which she absolutely hated, by the way, it took so long to dry and iron), walked with purpose down the bright corridors, sensible heels clacking on the polished oak parquet of the...
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Chapter Two(3 minute read)


Ella flushed the lavatory. Sorry spider. Nothing is ruining this bath, God knows I need it, she reasoned, watching the scrunched-up paper disappear in the swirl of water. The bathroom was full of steam, and she opened the window, opaque with a pattern of vines and berries, just an inch...
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Chapter Three(5 minute read)


Nurse Cooper’s little purple Micra struggled down the street, lined with Oak trees just turning orange and losing their leaves. It was a smart street, though the house that they came to a halt outside, number fourteen, was a fly in the ointment. The tall, Victorian house had a street-level...
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Chapter Four(5 minute read)


Ella lifted her hands up from her keyboard, interlinked the fingers and stretched her arms out in front of her. It wasn’t quite lunchtime, but she hadn’t stopped replying to emails since she sat at her desk at eight, placing a steaming latte in a takeaway cup down beside herself...
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Chapter Five(7 minute read)


The bookshop was one of those little backstreet places, the type you had to know was there, and even then, you weren’t sure if it had closed down. The light was on, Deborah could just see it through the window, which was criss-crossed with peeling wooden frames and piled high...
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Chapter Six(7 minute read)


Ella pulled her mobile away from her ear, looked at the screen and scowled. The screen showed only the calls she’d made, in a list. Jake (Mobile) (12) Jake (Home) (12) Jake (Mum and Dad) (3) The very fact she could see this list meant he’d hung up on her...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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