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Zoe's Shadow

Zoe's Shadow(6 minute read)

I've been struggling as to whether try something new for RWC, or to post my current WIP which I've stalled on. I have an idea for a new story, but maybe this group is what I need to spur me on with the one I've set aside. So.... While the title listed by my name will say 'Don't Go' the story I'll be posting is going to be my real WIP, called 'Zoe's Shadow'. Italics are marked with *

I think I found my sister. In most families, that would be cause for celebration. But things are complicated in mine. First, I can’t prove it’s actually Zoe. Right age, right colouring, lives pretty close to where Zoe went missing--- but as Em would say, that’s all circumstantial evidence. And...
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Chapter One - Part Two(4 minute read)

I guess you'd say this is the second half of the first chapter. I broke it up for length purposes. Thanks for any input you can give :)

I texted Em about finally opening the box because these days, I pretty much tell her everything. I was at my dad’s so I had to take a picture of the pictures with my phone. Em took a long time to reply and I thought that she was going to...
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Chapter One. Conclusion.(7 minute read)

This is probably not a new chapter... just a break in Chapter One. I don't know why I've broken it up like this... just re-editing and sending what's ready. So... Chapter One. Conclusion.

It’s amazing what you can find out about a person with just a name. As I zonked out on Emma’s sofa, she piled up the research on the girl, sending me link after link. Katrina J. Byrne is in Grade 11 at St. Elizabeth Catholic Secondary School which is almost...
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Final Entry(3 minute read)

This is all I've managed to write since this cohort started, but I'm stoked to keep working as NaNoWriMo begins. I'm grateful to Rowanvale staff for having facilitated this group. I've learned a lot, enjoyed the fantastic writing I've been privileged to read. It's been fun! This short entry is from the point of view of Emma. I'm still deciding about whether to go in this direction and maybe alternate chapters between the two because there is information that Aiden might not be able to see from his perspective. Lots of time before I have to decide. So, with forty-five minutes to go, I'm going to miss this. I've enjoyed this month. Happy NaNoWriMo! Keep writing everyone! ~ until we meet again.

I know Aiden is depending on me to help him with this, but I almost wish I'd never shown him that picture. It was an impulse and I don't generally run on impulse. Usually I approach things methodically and never jump to a conclusion. It was the timing. I'd literally...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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