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Heidi Manley

Death by Kindness

Prologue(8 minute read)

Schmidt & Jones in Death By Kindness: 23rd Century Earth's Spaceports are in lockdown. The Government won't release details as to why, or when visitors can return or leave Earth. Rumours of a deadly virus are reported over the media causing worldwide panic. That's before the bodies start appearing. Two Private Detectives are put onto the case, but even they realise they are out of their depths when the death toll starts to rise. They are pushed to their limits, and forced to face every thing that comes their way: deceit, destruction and betrayal. However, even they don't expect something ancient and forgotten to resurface, with destruction on its mind that could eradicate humanity forever.

In the beginning there was silence, and then with no warning, life began. We were the first, young and gentle with only our own to hear our songs among the stars, but gradually as time progressed others similar but not quite like us were born. We passed our songs...
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Chapter One(6 minute read)

This focuses on the introduction of the two main characters, or the heroes of the story. The whole chapter itself is near 9,000 words so this is only a small chunk of what is to come. However the introduction for this entry begins with introduction the female lead character. Who I've decided we focus on events mostly from her point of view.

The young detective’s lips curled up into a smirk, as she pointed the gun directly in front of her. Breathing steadily as she could feel her heart beating with excitement, she aimed at the forehead, steadying her aim at the unfortunate target. The young brunette’s finger curled around the...
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Chapter One (continued)(11 minute read)

The chapter continues with the introduction to the main characters setting the scene, before they are introduced to a case that will change everything .

‘Aw so come on you aren’t telling me you didn’t miss me at all Addie…I bet you missed me really, it’s not like we’ve got anything else to occupy ourselves with…Addie...come on play nice’’ “Addie? What is that my nickname from now on? What happened to Jones?” She slid...
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Chapter One (continued)(12 minute read)

This is where things start to get a little more exciting, the duos friend; Chief Inspector Lox introduces them to a case that is far beyond the regular police force.

“Uh…right…um…Hello Schmidt and Jones, Private Investigators among the stars…how can we be of service?” Adelaide held the button as the screen flickered up in front of her; the caller’s face slowly coming into view on the screen. “Lox…?... ‘Jonathan looked over wearily to Adelaide, as the face of one of...
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Chapter One (Last Part) (11 minute read)


The rest of the journey to the mortuary was sat in silence, purely as Adelaide was now too embarrassed to say anything else. Even if it was more evident of how close the two of them were actually getting to one another. Even so, she didn’t say so much...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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