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Chapter 1(20 minute read)

This is my first chapter of my book that I started to write thanks to a song! I've started quite a few books but havent really gelled with them yet so hopefully I can stick with this one. And sorry if anyone here doesn't like swearing. I think there's a small few in the for chapter...

1 That bastard was still following me home. Couldn’t he take a hint? I did not want to date him again. He’d slept with, my now, ex best friend, and then blamed it all on me! We were done. Over. Never again was I going back him. He was...
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Chapter 2(15 minute read)

This is the second chapter and again sorry if there is any swearing in it :)

2 I woke up hearing people screaming. So maybe I hadn't dreamt it. Looking over I saw Alex was lay on her side, her hand reaching for me. She had blood on her arm, scratches on her face. She was screaming too but I couldn't make out words. Outside...
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Chapter Three(13 minute read)

Third chapter. Again sorry if there is any swearing

3      The helicopter touched down at a base. A base I didn't even know existed in our tiny town. The base was huge. From our vantage point it covered several acres and was surrounded by an electric fence. There were plenty of military vehicles around but I couldn't...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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