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Emma J McGhee

The Mentor

Chapter One(7 minute read)

I've written 7 chapters of this story so far, but I haven't gotten much feedback on my progress. Thoughts?

Chapter One Bastogne, Belgium 23 November 2015 Irma would usually be humming on her holiday. She expected to, actually, when she planned this in April. Humming was her thing; whatever tune was running through her mind at the time. She was a musical person. Of course, none of her planning...
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Chapters Three and Four(4 minute read)


Chapter Three The man on the other end didn’t speak for a couple of seconds. Then when he did, his voice was wary. “Then who is this?” he asked in French. “Where’s Irma?” “I’m called Joe Gage.” The farmer answered him calmly as he sat down. “Irma’s here, recovering. You...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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