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Cory Mogk

Surviving in the Shadows

Chapter 1: Trapped(5 minute read)


Irwin awoke with a start. Had he dozed off or slept for hours? It was still predawn. He shivered. The cardboard under his chin had disintegrated into an oatmeal-like mess and he wiped the slop from his chin. A memory of warmth swept over him. Surrounded by smiling family members...
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Chapter 2: Help(8 minute read)


"Oww..." Irwin was sucking for air while trying to protect his ribs and groin from May's flailing feet. "Who do you think you are? Get the hell away from me!" May screamed. Irwin was confused by the outburst that had woke him and tumbled out through the cedar branches that...
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Chapter 3: Disclosure(5 minute read)


As they crossed over Esplanade from the St. Lawrence Market, Irwin thought about all the infill and how they would have been underwater a couple hundred years ago. Irwin had read that one of the reasons they did the infill was to cover up all the animal carcasses dumped in...
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Chapter 4: Return(5 minute read)


Irwin lingered on his walk home. The text messages from his parents had gotten increasingly frantic. R U OK? Where R U? We love you. Let us come and get you. Are you hurt? Has someone given you drugs? Who's with you? We're going to call the police and get...
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Chapter 5: Inspiration(6 minute read)


Irwin spent the next week trying to figure out what to do with his life. Things were OK at home but he was really afraid of what would happen if his parents found out he had lied about his co-op placement. In one respect, Irwin had done an impressive amount...
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Chapter 6: Work(7 minute read)


Irwin had sent the forms to Chuck as soon as he got home on Sunday night and worked on concocting a plausible story for why he needed to change placements. He went with the easy route of bankruptcy and filled out the form on behalf of his fake employer. Beyond...
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Chapter 7: Interrogation (7 minute read)


Chapter 7: Interrogation The tracking device worked pretty well. Chuck and Roxy had a great idea to host a training session of sorts at CSI. Attendance was free. Participants would assemble the devices and learn something about making. Sixty one devices were assembled over two sessions on the weekend. Fifty...
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Chapter 8: Release(6 minute read)


"Irwin! Wakey-wakey, Kid!" Irwin stretched out without opening his eyes. His hand touched the cold concrete wall and he bolted up. This was not his room and it was not a bad dream. He really was in jail and now the detective was back. The detective through a granola bar...
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This cohort ended on 31st October 2016

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