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Amruth Varshan

Dreams of Stars, and Grains of Sand

Entry 1(6 minute read)

This isn't actually what I planned to originally submit. Unfortunately, that project has met with some unforeseen complications. I hit a major block and can't seem to carry on. So, I guess that is for another day. I have decided that I will submit two other short stories that are nearing completion. I will post one after the other. The first one is called Ambivalence and will be put out in five parts. Thanks for reading! :) Ambivalence #1

I found myself, abruptly, on the banks of a picturesque lake with no idea how I got there. Or even why I was there. In retrospect, I couldn’t even remember my name. I knew who I was. I was aware of my consciousness. I just couldn’t think of any rhyme...
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Ambivalence #2(8 minute read)

Things I forgot to mention on the first entry. 1) Thoughts and italics are within *asterisks* 2) Ambivalence is based on an actual dream I had. Again, thanks for reading. :)

I was stymied. There seemed to be no organisational supervision yet civilisation seemed to be thriving. I was once again left with the question of why this pestered me so. “What if a member shows favouritism? What if his rationing becomes partial?” “Why are you so paranoid? Why is it...
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Ambivalence #3(6 minute read)

As always, thanks for reading.

Ignoring my compulsion to remember, I resumed my grilling. “Where do the rich live?” “What rich?” “You know, the ones with money.” “What’s money?” “Everyone lives like this? What do you do when you need things?” “We scavenge. Sometimes trade.” “Do you know what a government is?” He shrugged. *’Awesome.’*...
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Ambivalence #4(7 minute read)


I couldn’t figure out why the projection was giving me this needless scientific exposition when I probably wouldn’t be able to make any sense of it. But Dewey had recorded it anyway. In his face, I could sense his need to be understood. I decided to do my best to...
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Ambivalence #5(8 minute read)

The final part of Ambivalence.

*‘Please save the human race,’* Dewey’s beseeching face swam in front of my eyes. Holographically. But it couldn’t be Utopia’s past. As far as I knew, in Utopia, the Mods were genetically *modified* human beings. Not genetically engineered. At least that’s what I had been told. Dewey’s recording had confirmed...
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Steel #1(8 minute read)

This is the second short story I planned to submit and it's shorter than the first. :P It's called Steel and I'll put it out in two parts. It's a short chronicling the wars I wage with myself with respect to my writing. At times, it borders on meta-fiction. So if you have any thoughts, please do comment. :)

People gawked. But then, to be completely honest, I would have been rather surprised, had they not. Most everyone is taught to keep their head down. Blend in. If they aren’t taught it, they learn it of their own accord soon enough. It is so beaten into their skulls that...
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Steel #2(8 minute read)

The second half of Steel.

“What’s the password to your Wi-Fi?” I asked tentatively. His face turned from questioning to apologetic. “I’m sorry sir, but our internet is down.” “Oh, okay,” I shrank within myself, not too sure if I were feeling relieved or disappointed. I closed the window of Solitaire and went back to...
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The Old Man and His Light(11 minute read)

There are still two days left and I thought I'd submit this insanely long poem I worked on. It is pretty long. So if you have the time and interest, please do read it; all thoughts are welcome. Thanks for reading. :) It's titled: The Old Man and His Light

Forty years nigh; of climbing - the tireful sighs Onward, upward - to the summit high Onward, upward - to where the beacon lie. Forty years full, never a day amiss The old man climbed: high, oh, so high! He climbed up and around the endless steps On to all...
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Beneath a Roof of Clouds(29 minute read)

This is the first chapter in the first book of a fantasy series I'm working on. It is meant to serve as the prologue.

Drynus had no business being in Rusenton, much less within the Galvert castle walls. Of the thirteen kingdoms of Azarhyne, Rusenton was home to the busiest and most labyrinthine ports in the entire empire. The harbour dwarfed even the most monstrous of galleys and housed the largest fleet in all...
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