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Hannah was simply a star! Always helpful, supportive and kind I never once doubted the professionalism nor attention given to every aspect of the development by her. Thank you Hannah. Highly recommended.

Martin Houghton
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I'd like to thank Sarah and Rowanvale books for their help in this process. It is much appreciated. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Jackie Yelland, author of Emma, Eddie and Jack Go To: Sherwood Forest, Emma, Eddie and Jack Go To: Sherwood Pines and 2 other titles
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Overall I am pleased with how it came out. I do not have anything to compare it to but I can't see how anyone could be that much better. Good job overall. I really like the book's feel, size and overall quality. It's perfect.

Chris Rasmussen, author of You're Next: Lies, Corruption and the Dirty Business of Vaccines
They also used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service, Custom Book Cover Design Service, Paperback Publishing Service and Marketing & Aftercare Service

I have found the service from Rowanvale Books excellent and without any problems. They have done a brilliant job of publishing Nature's Revenge and Fear of the Unknown, and there was good correspondence between the company and me.

Michael Elia, author of Claws of Fear, Fear of the Unknown and Nature's Revenge
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The service Rowanvale provided to me has invaluable in building my confidence in the world of marketing. Their advice has taught me to think of myself as a brand and helped me to build my online presence, which is vital to the modern author. Whilst April's boundless enthusiasm helped keep me motivated and made the whole process much easier.

Tom Pollard

I am extremely happy with my time working with Hannah. She kept me up-to-date and on track throughout the process and was always on-hand to answer any queries that I had. It was a pleasure working with her!

Lewis Evans, author of Caethion

April was absolutely fantastic, and made me feel really involved and informed through the whole process. I am so grateful to have had someone so wonderful to work with, who considered my wants and happily accommodated them. Thanks for everything, April!

Claire Merchant

It has been a pleasure to work with all the ladies at Rowanvale Books and hope to continue this for future publications. The support and guidance I received from day one has been nothing short of inspirational. It was just what I needed to kick me into gear and get my first novel published. I would not hesitate to recommend Rowanvale to anyone looking to get a manuscript edited, published or even just critiqued.

P. G. Challis, author of Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow
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As a writer, I am so grateful and happy that I found Rowanvale Books. If my book is ever successful, it will be in part due to the amazing service they provide. The editing process was a whirlwind, but always a blast from the start. My main editor, Sapphira, was so detailed and thoughtful in her responses and with her feedback and revisions, my manuscript shines so much brighter now. In addition, it is clear that between her, Hannah, the account manager, and the other quality control checkers, the team at Rowanvale is very skilled, professional, and talented. I have to say, my favorite part of their services was the time and care every person took which made me feel that my writing project, that I poured my heart and soul into, really is valuable! As a new writer filled with self-doubt, this was the exact type of support I needed! I recommend Rowanvale Books to any writer out their looking to get their work published or polished in whatever shape or form. You will not be disappointed!

Randy Sorensen, who used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service

Such a pleasure working with Hannah and the editing team. The quality of work and professionalism is second to none. Thank you all so much.

Claire Merchant, who used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service