Writers' Club


At first I was rather doubtful of the Writing Advisor service, especially when I learned that the money I paid every month only allowed for an hour of time a month. However, the feedback that I receive from it, even if it's only two chapters a month, is very beneficial! Moreover, having Sapphira as my Writing Advisor is definitely a bonus; she's very kind, and very patient with me too. I knew very little about publishing books before I started talking to her and I asked all kinds of questions. She seemed more than happy to expand on points that I didn't understand, which I could imagine may have been a bit daunting at times. But overall it's worth the money, and I appreciate all the work Sapphira puts into my attempt at creating a decent enough story to publish! Danielle Crowe, who used our Writing Advisor Service

Saph has been both professional and very friendly in all of our communications. I always looked forward to her monthly feedbacks on my story, since she identified positive aspects before the gentle suggestions for improvement in my writing. I am fixing up the errors that she found, and will be self-editing the story one more time after that to watch out for any other examples of the 3 main bad writing habits that I didn't know I had (since I don't think that she identified each of the many times I made the frequent errors-mostly too many commas-but instead gave me very specific examples of how I could correct a few of them per chapter). She has made me aware of my individual weaknesses, so that I could grow as a writer and watch out for those mistakes in the future.

...I am a teacher that has taught writing for many years, so I thought that I didn't need very much help with editing, except for commas. Saph was able to mention a few more errors in my writing that had nothing to do with punctuation, that I had no idea about. I have learned to watch out for those few things. She constantly pointed out the positive things I was doing. As a new author, it was an intimidating thought to deal with publishers, but my entire experience with this company has been similar to having a friend next door guiding me along the way. I am continuing to work with them in other areas, and highly recommend the service to others. 

…As a new author, I know that there are many aspects of publishing a story to learn about and then to apply. I thought that it would be so nice to have an experienced friend who could give me some feedback about how I am doing so far, as well as other thoughts and suggestions. I discovered the Writing Advisor Service, and feel that I have found that friend in Sapphira. She is my personal genie: asking what exactly I want, and then providing the pros and cons of what I have written in a very warm but professional manner. She informed me of how the other services that they provide can help me in the future, provided the links, and introduced me to other staff who specialize in those other areas. This is the boost I needed to refine my skills, and to keep me motivated about continuing on with the process.

Kathy Marker, who used our Writing Advisor Service