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Rowanvale Books have helped me a great deal and I'm very grateful.

Michael Elia, author of Claws of Fear, Fear of the Unknown and Nature's Revenge
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I have really enjoyed working with the staff at Rowanvale Books, and I will continue with my planned books in future as a result of this experience! From my first contact with Cat Charlton at Rowanvale Books, then working with Sarah and her team right through to receiving finished copies of my books, I have enjoyed every step of the process. Communication with everyone involved has been professional, informative, supportive and fun throughout. The enthusiastic approach from Sarah helped me remain motivated and is representative of the way everyone there encourages you as an author. I felt at all times that whilst I was in control of the process, if I wanted help or advice it would be given in a clear and supportive manner. I can highly recommend working with Rowanvale whether you're an accomplished author or first timer, and I can't wait to get the process started with my next book!

Greg Peacock, who used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service, Custom Book Cover Design Service and Paperback/Hardback Publishing Package

Rowanvale Books are a caring publisher who really take into consideration the ambitions of the author… Rowanvale Books are fantastic and professional. They really take time to help out their authors and go above and beyond to ensure a great outcome is achieved. They listen to the ambitions of an author and help them achieve their goals… Rowanvale Books have been incredibly helpful with the publication of Sham Subterranean and the Party Tea, giving me valuable advice along the way and helping me bring my vision for my book to life. The design team came up with an amazing cover which compliments the zaniness of the story. They listen to my ideas and steer me through any hurdles I come across the way. This is incredibly helpful as my books are usually series which lead into each other. Couldn’t be happier and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing team… Rowanvale Books have been terrific. They’ve involved me in every step of the way and have produced a stunning children’s picture book that has exceeded my expectations. Nothing is too much trouble and they really care about me as an individual. They know how serious I am about becoming a successful writer and are helping me to achieve my dream. I cannot praise them enough!… Rowanvale Books are friendly and helpful from the get go. They are always there to answer questions and cater for whatever goals you set yourself as a writer. Their positive attitude and encouragement really make the entire publishing process very enjoyable… Rowanvale Books has been so helpful and obliging throughout the entire process of the publication of The Pirate Who Was Scared of Birds. Their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring that only the highest quality book is produced is commendable … The aftercare and marketing of my book has also been wonderful. Being a vital aspect of the whole publishing process, I know I have the support and backing of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.

​Michelle Path, author of Corallai, Xalien the Purple Alien: Xalien Visits the Farm and 18 other titles
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It was a wonderful experience for me, a first-time author - I really enjoyed the whole publishing process. The team at Rowanvale were extremely friendly, ever helpful and utterly professional throughout. I would highly recommend them to any author thinking about using their services.

N O O N E, author of the hell world
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As a first time author knowing very little about the publishing industry and not really knowing how to get my debut novel into print, I have found Rowanvale an absolute pleasure and godsend to work with. Every single member of the team, from my account manager, editor, graphic designer, marketing advisor and anybody else I've failed to mention have kept me informed, up to date, and helped me immensely every step of the way in fulfilling my dream in bringing my story to life, with me ultimately having final editorial input throughout.

Publishing with Rowanvale books has been an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. 

The friendly, professional and user friendly service took away all the hassle and stress of self publishing for me as a debut author and every member of staff was always available and supportive whenever any issues would arise. Their proactive approach made things very easy and no problem was too big. I would highly recommend Rowanvale books to other authors who are in the same position as I was, not knowing which way to turn with my project, and I look forward to working with the whole team again with future projects, so thanks again for your hard work and effort guys.

I would highly recommend this honest, hard working, professional team to anyone in a similar position to what I was in, as they have strived to make it as stress free and cost effective as possible. All this aside, what made it the pleasant experience it was, was not just their professionalism and hard work, however it was more to do with the friendly nature and great working relationships established with the team. 

On a final note, I would like to say that Rowanvale offer a fantastic value for money service, and I would be more than happy to use their services again in the future, thank you guys.

Lee Shepherd, author of Abandoned
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If your boiler’s on the blink most of us would call in a plumber rather than attempt it ourselves, right? Well the same rules applies to writing. My Account Manager Tessa is a specialised expert in her field who guides you down the right channels, through the appropriate processes and makes something which at first feels so overwhelming, eventually become a comfortable breeze. Every aspect is covered; from the editing, proofing and polishing of your work down to the nitty gritty financial side of things regarding royalties and declaring earnings to the tax office. Without assisted self-publishing I would just be someone with an idea scribbled on a few scraps of paper with no idea where to go or what to do. It’s a no-brainer.…

The whole publication process was an alien concept to me prior to this and I have been guided through, step-by-step, with an unending level of support on hand throughout. You are not just a number or a commodity to them, they really do care about you as an individual and put you and your work at the heart of everything they do. My Account Manager Tessa was exceptional from start to finish and I am forever indebted to her for her continuous hard work, industry knowledge and (the poor lass) having to put up with my incessant rambling marathon-message emails over the past year. The illustrations produced by Callum are astounding and now I very much look forward to working alongside April with the marketing in the coming months. It genuinely feels like you are working with friends - that is the type of environment that Rowanvale Books create for their clients.

I've made my feelings about everything and everyone very clear many times before - you guys made magic happen for me and I'll never forget that. Thank you!!!!

​Jonathon Ward, author of Mutant Tummy Apple Tree
They also used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service, Custom Book Cover Design Service, Book Illustrations Service, Paperback/Hardback Publishing Package and Marketing & Aftercare Service

Rowanvale blow me away every time I work with them, their wonderful service and attention to detail at each and every point of the publishing process is heartwarming. They are incredible human beings and I cannot commend them or the work they do highly enough...

As every devoted wordsmith knows, the words we pen often come not just from our love of and passion for words, but from years of study, development, practice, writing and re-writing. Our words are the amalgamation of our attempts to excavate, dissect, explore, breathe in and listen to life. They are a reflection of all we have discovered and of all we have yet to learn. Sometimes those words echo aching hope and bitter disappointment. Other times they sing, dance, laugh and paint wonderful pictures before the eyes of our souls.
Words can and do bring revelation, understanding, health and wellbeing, and often, even though they may challenge us, they also help to restore our faith in life, in humanity.
With all this in mind it is easy to see why it is imperative to find the right publishers to work with. Publishers that not only understand and get where you, as a wordsmith are coming from, but who also believe in you and the work that you do.
For me Rowanvale Books are that publisher.
With a level of professionalism that is second to none, from the very start of the publishing process, right to the finish, they work to ensure that not only the care and support of the author is excellent, but also the end product, your book. Beautifully and lovingly put together in a way that truly captures both the spirit and the heart of your original vision.
Rowanvale Books does what it promises to do. I would like to wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting their work published.
Rowanvale Books; the future of publishing is safe in their hands.…

…From start to finish it has been a pleasure and a delight to work with Rowanvale with excellent support with such a high professional standard... I couldn't recommend Rowanvale, and all their staff, highly enough for what has been such an exciting and enjoyable process… My journey with Rowanvale started in 2014, after the many questions I asked them about their publishing process, and everything they had to offer. From the very start it was lovely to receive such support, together with their prompt and efficient replies which outlined what I think is such a great publishing package from a great team of people. My book has now been delivered after a really exciting and enjoyable time with Rowanvale. I’m so delighted with the results, the attention to detail, the problem solving, and I just couldn’t be happier about the whole experience. Amazing.

Rowanvale Books are a total joy to work with and it is my privilege and good fortune to be able to call them my publishers. Keep Up The Great Work :) Thank You and God Bless you All. #SuperStars :)

Tracey Odessa Kane, author of Valleys Deep 'n' Mountains High, Another Day Someday and 3 other titles
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Bethan was superb throughout. As a new author, writing a good book is not enough. We need the expertise of a good publisher to lift our good work from obscurity to its rightful place.

Jeremy Flint

Sapphira is extremely supportive to me as a new "have a go" writer. I feel like she genuinely cares about me and my work. As a working mother of two, lack of time to write is my biggest hurdle but Sapphira has suggested many ways to make the most of my valuable time to enable me to fulfil my writing ambitions without taking time away from my family.

Stephnie Hancock, who used our Writing Advisor Service

Sapphira's advice is invaluable and inspirational. I had been working on my manuscript for the best part of a year, prior to joining the Writing Advisor Service, without making any real progress. However, thanks to the help Sapphira has provided I was able to complete the first draft of my manuscript within two months of joining. Her motivational tips really spurred me on to complete the first draft and she has been nothing but supportive throughout. The critique Sapphira has provided so far has been constructive and insightful, while at the same time allowing me to keep the creativity as I intended. Sapphira is a real credit to the team and I am greatly looking forward to working with her again in the near future.

Duncan Thompson, who used our Writing Advisor Service