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Sapphira is extremely supportive to me as a new "have a go" writer. I feel like she genuinely cares about me and my work. As a working mother of two, lack of time to write is my biggest hurdle but Sapphira has suggested many ways to make the most of my valuable time to enable me to fulfil my writing ambitions without taking time away from my family.

Stephnie Hancock, who used our Writing Advisor Service

Sapphira's advice is invaluable and inspirational. I had been working on my manuscript for the best part of a year, prior to joining the Writing Advisor Service, without making any real progress. However, thanks to the help Sapphira has provided I was able to complete the first draft of my manuscript within two months of joining. Her motivational tips really spurred me on to complete the first draft and she has been nothing but supportive throughout. The critique Sapphira has provided so far has been constructive and insightful, while at the same time allowing me to keep the creativity as I intended. Sapphira is a real credit to the team and I am greatly looking forward to working with her again in the near future.

Duncan Thompson, who used our Writing Advisor Service

I must say that having Sapphira as my Writing Advisor has helped me so much. I am a first time writer and found myself very conscious of what and how I wrote. Sapphira’s first feedback e-mail put me at ease straight away and helped give me the confidence I needed to believe in the world I was creating. She helped me see how changing the structures of some sentences could improve the text on the whole and also flagged up some consistency errors. I am truly grateful.

Michelle Adams, who used our Writing Advisor Service
I really enjoyed the Writing Advisor experience with Sarah – she asked pertinent questions of the text which forced me to think beyond the narrative and to consider my reasoning and my motivations behind the writing – a process I had thought I had already undertaken – this enabled me, I think, to improve some areas of the manuscript previously lacking in clarity – though I may not have caught them all! N O O N E, who used our Writing Advisor Service

I was very happy when Rowanvale Books hit me up on Twitter. I had just started to write my book and I was anxious to get expert opinions and advice. All of the staff that I had interactions with were wonderful. Sarah, my Advisor, was courteous, prompt and on target with her suggestions for improving my work. Even though she wouldn’t tell me if anyone would want to read what I had written, she was instrumental in cleaning up some of the rough spots. I look forward to more of her comments as I produce more work.

Dan Wunderlin, who used our Writing Advisor Service
The Writing Advisor Service has been great so far. My story is progressing nicely and Sarah has been incredibly helpful. I would definitely recommend it to other authors, especially those who are new to the publishing side of this work. The reminders and notes have been fantastic. Brit Cassidy, who used our Writing Advisor Service
I appreciate immensely that you have spotted and highlighted so well to me the strong points and writing qualities on one side, and the fields that I need to focus better and improve on the other side. On the weak points - I knew the sentences need to be revised and improved, no doubt, as well as the choice of words, with certain exceptions. A very self critical persona like myself is quite well aware of such problem areas, but only hints the good parts. Because of this it felt really refreshing to see a positive feedback written down that seemed very sincere as well. Realizing my strengths I feel I have a good support in continuing my work like a "refresh". So thank you for that Sapphira! You have a real talent in making elaborate analysis on phrases and to recommend a better version of the same content, so I appreciated your feedback on this area of my writing. But mostly I want to thank you and acknowledge the fact that very fast you have found a sincere and authentic approach in highlighting all the plus value points of the samples and bringing them forward. Anna Mistry, who used our Writing Advisor Service

I have been using the Writing Advisor Service for about 5 months now and Sapphira has been my Writing Advisor. I have found Sapphira to be everything I’d want in an advisor: Sapphira is understanding, inspiring and supportive. I have found her feedback to be constructive, fair and encouraging. She always provides constructive feedback that I feel I have learnt from, and always manages to get me back on track with her encouraging words. I feel she understands the tone of the collection that I am writing and does not steer me in a direction that perhaps I do not want to take the collection.
Overall, I am very happy with the service I have been receiving from the entire Rowanvale team. Without sounding too corny: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sapphira and the team for helping me to be one step closer to my dream.

Jennifer Heapes, who used our Writing Advisor Service

Using the Rowanvale Books Writing Advisor Service has been a huge benefit to me when it comes to my writing skills. Having someone professional to discuss writing with has made a massive difference for me, and I am glad I signed up to the service… I have definitely found using the Writing Adviser Service to be of great help to me, and I would recommend it to any other authors who are seeking detailed and professional help with their manuscripts. Cat and Sarah have both been courteous and prompt with their replies, and I definitely feel like, now that I have someone to go over what I've worked on with me, it's much easier to iron out the details and find what approach works best. Having someone professional offer feedback on my writing has certainly helped to boost my confidence, especially in regards to showing my writing to others. I'm so glad that I came across Rowanvale Books and decided to make use of their service!

Luke McWilliams, who used our Writing Advisor Service

I've really enjoyed my time with Rowanvale Books. They've provided me with the confidence and feedback I needed to finally turn my first draft into a polished piece!… Sapphira's feedback and advice on my first novel has been very valuable. She's given me the confidence boost I needed and I now feel equipped to tackle revisions as I aim for the scary world of publication!

Rachel Hobbs, who used our Writing Advisor Service