Writers' Club


My book project is not finished, as I've had to take a break from it due to too many other things going on. However Sapphira White has done a fantastic job advising me on the writing of my children's picture book. She is helping me make one of my dreams come true. I will be back for more help from Rowanvale when I am ready.

Samantha Symonds, who used our Writing Advisor Service

Beth answered all my questions - no matter how small. Her communication was great and she explained all the editorial stages in great detail.

Michelle Adams

I would like to thank Bethan for her prompt service. Her friendly manner encouraged me to follow this process and eventual commitment to publishing with Rowanvale Books.

Jacqueline Anne, author of Beyond Timelight

Excellent communication with the publisher.

Jozef J. Matejka, author of Budulienko and Pinocchio Tale

I have greatly enjoyed the process of taking my first story published as two books through the editing process and have complete confidence in Sarah and the rest of the team at Rowanvale to look after my future publications. The team at Rowanvale have guided this new author through the editing and cover design process with an ideal balance between guidance and leaving control in my hands. It has been an exciting process for me. I have already recommended their services to other authors and have my second book in their care now. 

Adrian Hilder, who used our Custom Book Cover Design Service and Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service

I thoroughly enjoyed the publishing process of my debut novel with Rowanvale Books, so much so that I have now signed up to publish my second book with them. Many thanks to all of the team for their continued support and assistance.

Sarah Barry Williams, author of The Crystal Bloodline: Paradigm Shift and The Crystal Bloodline: A Shooting Star is Not a Star
They also used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service, Custom Book Cover Design Service, eBook Publishing Service, Paperback Publishing Service and Marketing & Aftercare Service

I have been very happy with all the members of the Rowanvale team, that's why I keep coming back!

John Davies

I think Beth has done a fantastic job at helping me to start my journey in the publishing world. She answered my questions efficiently and promptly. She explained to me in details the different stages of the publishing process and all the choices I had. And although she obviously offered the services of her company, she was never pushy. Overall an excellent customer service and I would highly recommend Beth!

Claire Gray

I think it's really great. It's very hard to find affordable, professional feedback on your manuscript, and the Writing Advisor Service manages to do not only that, but delivers it in a very flexible, personally-tailored manner. On top of that you've been really excellent, and simply very helpful. A lot of the things I was initially concerned just weren't good enough are now either fixed, on their way to being improved, or my fears were groundless to begin with, which is close to perfect after only a couple of months!

Matt Bradley, who used our Writing Advisor Service

So far it's been a very smooth journey with emails answered quickly in a very polite manner. Thank You

I found the whole publishing process a lot easier than I had expected. Questions were answered quickly and communication was excellent.

Anthony P. Holden, who used our Paperback Publishing Service