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Beth has been exceptional. As a result, I have every confidence in the team at Rowanvale. Thank you, Beth! -Cheryl

Cheryl J. Muir

I was very apprehensive and unsure whether to go ahead with this 'self-publishing' lark. Beth was supportive and encouraging throughout and came up with a publishing package which was tailored to my needs. I felt I was dealing not with a complete stranger but with a trusted friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Beth. Diolch o galon.

Jenni Wyn Hyatt

April was wonderful to work with in promoting my book. She gave me a great deal of information to think about in promoting my book. Thank you!

J. F. Cicci, author of The Insider Chipmunk Threat
They also used our Marketing & Aftercare Service

I really can't stress how helpful Bethan has been to me over the last couple of weeks or so. Whether it's been help with the description or the bits of advice she has given me regarding the marketing she never made me feel like I was bothering her or that it was a chore dealing with me. Indeed any concerns I might have had that I was being a bother or pestering were put to rest by Bethan's boundless enthusiasm. All in all she is a credit to your company. On a wider note it is rare these days to come across a company that provides such a personalised service, I never felt like I was getting a stock or pre-packaged response.

Tom Pollard

I received a great service from April who not only has done an amazing job for me but has also been lovely and very keen to guide and help me throughout the process. I would definitely recommend the literary agent service to friends or colleagues. I have been very happy with the Rowanvale Books services I've used and all the people I have been working with.

Claire Gray

The Writing Advisor Service has been a breath of fresh air for my writing! Over the past six months my advisor, Sapphira, has exhibited a considerable knowledge of the inner workings of writing a book along with constant support and encouragement during my journey. Through this service and the mentorship of Sapphira, I have found not only the motivation but the confidence to pursue my goals in the field of writing.

Danielle Dinsmore, who used our Writing Advisor Service

The team at Rowanvale were fantastic to work with and really take care of everything. Using Rowanvale Books meant that the publication of Percy the Pompom Bear was swift, simple and enjoyable. I'm thrilled with the outcome and know I will be returning to Rowanvale should I need any publishing assistance in future.

Mari Ellis Dunning, author of Persi'r Arth Pompom and Percy the Pompom Bear
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I have been very pleased throughout the entire process of publishing my book. In fact, there wasn't a single time during the process that I can recall being unhappy. Rowanvale Books helped create a dream come true for me and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Robert Blanchard, author of The Roar of a Dragon
They also used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service, Custom Book Cover Design Service, eBook Publishing Package, Paperback/Hardback Publishing Package and Marketing & Aftercare Service

I simply would not have been able to edit my novel to the standard it has reached without their support and guidance. This is a very professional, reliable and vital service for self-publishing authors.

​David P. Philip, author of A Game for the Young
They also used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service

For the cover I turned in a rough sketch that an artist turned into the beautiful cover that now sports the book. I was truly amazed by the beauty of it and so were many people…They have masterful cover artists that somehow understand what you want to show on the cover of your book. All in all a publisher to be recommended, especially for beginning authors… 

B. , author of The Claws of the Earth Part Ia: The Dog, The Claws of the Earth Part IV: The Alignment and 2 other titles
They also used our Custom Book Cover Design Service