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Rowanvale Books is the best publisher I know. Here you can find guidance, support, everything you need so that your book lives up to the expectations of the reading public. In Rowanvale Books I found the ideal publishing house and I will publish all my other books only here. Thanks to the Rowanvale Books team for their dedication to the publication and marketing of my book.

Oma, author of The Fire of Karma
They also used our ARC & Book Review Service

I was extremely happy with the BETA reader service offered by Rowanvale Books. The ten readers that provided feedback on my novel gave me vital information on proceeding with the "final" draft. The price point is ideal for this service and the quality of the feedback was excellent. I will use Jess and her team again, and would recommend them to anyone else.

P. G. Challis, author of Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow
They also used our Beta Readers

Gemma, Ellie, Cat and the wider Rowanvale support team have been absolutely amazing throughout the publishing process for two books simultaneously. This made for a very enjoyable and manageable experience, never feeling overwhelmed yet productive at the same time. Thanks for all your kindness, compassion and understanding throughout this process, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Lots of peace, respect and love, Lak

Lak Loi, author of Original Truth, The Art of Thinking Without Thinking and Master Your Life
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I'm so happy I've chosen Rowanvale! Ellie (Senior Writing Advisor) is a person I've been waiting for, for many years. She could point me in the right direction and show me my strengths and weaknesses in narrating. Moreover, her comments helped me understand what I was missing in my story. It was like a click in my head. I can't thank you enough!

L. M. Fili
They also used our Developmental Editing

Every time I start to feel the progress I'm making on my writing by myself has ground to a halt, Rowanvale's been there to provide fantastic, constructive feedback on my manuscripts.

Matt Bradley, who used our Developmental Editing

I’ve worked with Gemma on all of my books; I can say that she’s been a great help with all the books, had always been able to provide information I needed to know without it being overwhelming, always willing to provide support, particularly with elements of the publishing process that I was unfamiliar with; her support and advice with marketing and gaining reviews for my books have been particularly helpful, especially since that was an area of self-publishing I had little knowledge and even less confidence of when I started working with Rowanvale. Gemma was definitely an element of the publication process that made it so straightforward and easy to understand, which again helped make my working with Rowanvale feel a lot more comfortable and pleasant than my previous experiences with self-publishing companies.

Luke Courtney, author of From the Ashes: Book I of the Phoenix Saga, Argent Blade and Two-Horn
They also used our Paperback/Hardback Publishing Package

Rowanvale's ARC service is exemplary. It fits seamlessly into the publication process and provides authors with the ability to reach a wide audience of reviewers. Reviews are such an important element for raising the profile of any author, and I have been impressed with how Rowanvale incorporate this service into the publication package.

Neil Rushton, author of Dead but Dreaming
They also used our ARC & Book Review Service

Can't speak a bad word about Rowanvale and the team there. Every one of them is absolutely lovely, helpful and quick to respond. They're invested in your work as much as they are in your wellbeing. I've published 3 books in paperback and e-book with Rowanvale and I can't see myself going elsewhere for a very long time!

D. Bishop, author of Legends of Amaré: Mortus, Legends of Amaré: Animus and Legends of Amaré: Ventus
They also used our eBook Publishing Package

Absolutely loved working with Gemma, Ellie, Rebeckah, Jaide and Billie throughout the publication process of my book. Would highly recommend Rowanvale. Professionalism and constant support throughout.

David Carroll, author of Be Brave, Little Ant
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Extremely efficient and helpful process. We’d be happy to recommend Rowanvale to other self-publishing authors.

Enya and Mr Paul, author of Rainbow Butterfly What Happened to the Tooth Fairy
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