Marketing & Aftercare Service

What Does it Cost?

£27.96 per month (approx. 1hour of support) For more information or to purchase some Marketing & Aftercare support, please get in contact.

Marketing & Aftercare Service

As an author, one of the scariest aspects of publishing can be how to market a book. We can break things down so that something as scary and foreign as book marketing becomes easy and rewarding! You would be assigned a Marketing Advisor who will assist you with your marketing efforts in any way that you require - as every author and book are different, the marketing strategies for one book may be entirely different to that of another.

In a nutshell

You can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out book marketing effectively. Transform yourself into a well-known brand, create marketing campaigns, promote your book to the right people and give yourself the greatest chance of success. Your Marketing Advisor can assist with book stores, with reviews, with social media campaigns and wider book marketing strategies, among many other avenues you might like to pursue!

Why do we do this?

We believe in coaching the author so that they become skilled in marketing their own work - in an increasingly saturated market, there are so few authors who understand how to market a book successfully. We understand how crucial it is to not only handle book marketing effectively, but to do this cheaply and strategically, so that authors can become self-sufficient in marketing their own titles and reap the benefits of this. Your Marketing Advisor will help you learn and understand free book marketing methods to help with your promotion.

What sort of things can my Marketing Advisor help with?

  • Amazon Analysis = As part of the Marketing & Aftercare Service, we include our Amazon Analysis service (also available separately), which gives you an in-depth review of your existing Amazon pages and, with our top industry keyword and category software, we can review and improve existing keywords and categories to help you try and achieve Amazon #1 bestseller status.
  • Amazon Guidance = After the initial Amazon Analysis, we then focus our attention on helping you push the sales and increase the rankings of your book via Amazon, including providing up to date information on how to get book reviews, how to make the most of promotional tools and how to focus your efforts on tactics that work
  • Website & Blog Creation = Assistance with building your own author website and starting and developing a blog, in order to build up a fan base of readers
  • Social Media Campaigns = Advice on building a loyal target audience and fan base via social media platforms, including lessons on how to market a book via Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads
  • Target Marketing Plans = how to identify and locate your target audience, reach out to them and network to increase book sales
  • Goal-Management = Creating book marketing project goals that are realistic and achievable
  • Brand Building = Guidance on how to build an online presence and develop yourself as a recognisable brand
  • Marketing Tutoring = Personal, one to one support and guidance tailored to your book, and your level of marketing experience
  • Industry-based Knowledge = Help in navigating the current market, and in which methods of book marketing are proving effective for different genres and writing styles
  • Retailer Pitching = If you wish for your book to be included in the core range of Waterstones, for example, then your Marketing Advisor can help you pitch your book to head office, on request. This is the same for other retailers e.g. WHSmiths, Blackwells etc.

The main purpose of the Marketing & Aftercare Service is to help authors market their book and does not include us directly marketing your book. The nature of the service is very fluid and is designed as such, in order to help the?author?get the most out of the support.


The service from Rowanvale was perfect and I have no concerns. I am more than thankful.

Michael Elia, author of Claws of Fear, Fear of the Unknown and Nature's Revenge

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“When I found Rowanvale, they seemed like the perfect publishing house for me and my books, almost like it was too good to be true! But they really are everything they say they are.”

– D. Bishop
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