Literary Agent Package

What Does it Cost?

Beta Readers = £74.19 (for 5 readers - you can request more or less!) Developmental Edit = £133.96 Cover Letter Writing = £34.99 Total Price = £243.14 (if 5 beta readers used) *These are example prices are based on a manuscript of 30,000 words For more information and to discuss this service further, please get in contact.

Literary Agent Package

Attracting the interest of a literary agent and/or a publishing house providing is extremely difficult, as you usually only get one chance to impress. We hear from too many authors who have submitted to agents, only to be rejected as the agent did not feel that their manuscript was ‘ready’, due to various flaws or editorial issues that could have been prevented.

Our Literary Agent Package involves ensuring that your manuscript is of the highest quality that it can be to give you the best chance of success.

What is the process?

The Literary Agent Package helps you ensure your manuscript is ready to start the submission process by going through three stages:

Stage 1 - Beta Readers (you then have the opportunity to do rewrites of your manuscript, in light of their feedback)

Stage 2 - Developmental Edit (you then have the opportunity to work on developments to your manuscript)

Stage 3 - Cover Letter Writing

You are then ready to submit to literary agents and traditional publishing houses - good luck!

What services does it include?

  • Beta Readers = It can be hard to get unbiased, constructive criticism from family members and friends, especially if they are not writers or readers themselves or are not familiar with your genre.

You can choose how many beta readers you would ideally like to read your book. They will then provide you with a report answering any questions you might have. Some of the things they can help you analyse include plot, consistency, characterisation, plot twists/cliff-hangers, whether there is anything too clichéd or repetitive about the writing, whether there is sufficient tension to make it a ‘page turner’, pacing, setting, dialogue, and whether there are any weak points in the story as a whole.

We also offer the option of asking particular reviewers specific questions once you have received feedback, so that you can hone in on any general areas they may have highlighted.

  • Developmental Edit = For authors looking for traditional publication, it is crucial to ensure that your manuscript has had professional assistance with a developmental edit. You don’t want your only chance at impressing a literary agent to be ruined, if the agent picks up on major flaws or plot holes in the manuscript that could have been easily resolved!

After you have done rewrites based on the feedback of the beta readers, it is worth ensuring that the whole manuscript flows and all issues have been addressed. A Writing Advisor will provide thorough feedback on your entire manuscript, focusing on large-scale issues such as plot holes, inconsistencies, pacing, characterisation and structure. They will also examine line-level issues such as word choice and sentence structure to some extent. You would receive a version of your manuscript annotated using Track Changes, with the Writing Advisor’s feedback in comments, highlighting opportunities for improvement throughout the book. It is, of course, entirely up to you whether you choose to implement your Writing Advisor's feedback, as the control ultimately remains with yourself.

  • Cover Letter Writing = As a cover letter is such a crucial element of a literary submission and the majority of authors only get the one chance to impress, having professional input could be the difference between securing that publishing contract or just missing out.

Working with a Writing Advisor, with their knowledge and expertise, they can assist you in describing your story in the best light and helping ensure that it is the submission that the literary agent remembers. They can help you format it correctly and ensure that it is free from typos and grammatical errors and help you get the balance to ensure you sell your story, without overselling it.

This is an example of the Literary Agent Package for fiction writers. We can also assist with non-fiction works. Please get in contact for more information.

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Learn more in our free publishing guide, which gives you a more detailed look at the process, or by speaking to one of our publishing consultants, who would be happy to walk you through all the details you need to begin the process.
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