KDP Publishing Package

What Does it Cost?

The price is dependent on various factors: - word count - how much editing/proofreading you require - style of cover design - how much help you want to increase your sales on Amazon Example Price Proofreading and copy-editing = £101.58 (1 proofread) to £385.75 (edit + 2 proofreads) Bespoke cover design = £223.64 Cover and internal formatting/typesetting = £132.80 Amazon Analysis & Assistance = £27.96 per hour *These prices are based on a manuscript of 30,000 words For more information and to discuss this service further, please get in contact.

KDP Publishing Package

For authors who wish to publish themselves via KDP, we provide a package of services to ensure that your book has professional assistance to help it stand out amongst the millions of other books on Amazon. As Amazon is now the world's biggest bookseller, becoming a top author on Amazon can be life changing, so it is important that your book is at the top of its game.

What does the the package include?

  • Proofreading and copy-editing = it is crucial that self-published books on KDP are professionally edited and proofread, as typos and grammatical errors are a sure-fire way to receive poor reviews from readers which can be incredibly detrimental to an author's reputation.

With our package, you can choose to include up to one copy- edit and two rounds of proofreading to help ensure your book reads like a bestseller.

  • Bespoke cover design = it is true that people judge a book by its cover. KDP offers cover templates but with millions of books self-published by KDP, you can imagine how many books use the same cover design!

Working with one of our talented designers, you can have a bespoke graphic design or illustrative cover design produced to represent both your author style and your book to rival other top books in your genre.

  • Cover and internal formatting/typesetting = Formatting a book yourself can be a nightmare, especially if you aren't from a design background! With 50+ hyperlinks, steps and pages all to do with formatting, when using KDP, it can be very confusing to know where to start!

Our designers are experienced in formatting paperbacks for KDP, as well as following their extensive specifications and requirements which can be very complicated for a non-designer.

  • Amazon Analysis & Assistance = Once a book is published on KDP, the hard work is just beginning! In order for a book to sell, it has to have exposure. Amazon provide exposure to the top books in each category, but getting your book to the top position can be extremely tough!

Our Project Account Managers are experienced in helping authors increase their book sales and category rankings, specifically on Amazon. Using top industry specialist software, the team will do an extensive keyword analysis for your book to help pick the strongest keywords to give it the most potential.

They will also perform extensive category research to help find niche categories to get you more sales. This research also helps establish how many sales that day would be needed to make the book rank in the top 10, as well as how many are needed in order for the book to be the new #1 bestseller.

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Learn more in our free publishing guide, which gives you a more detailed look at the process, or by speaking to one of our publishing consultants, who would be happy to walk you through all the details you need to begin the process.
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