eBook Publishing Package

What Does it Cost?

Example Price = £1056.08 (based on 40,000w manuscript) The price of this service depends on a variety of factors about your book including word count. For an accurate quote for this service, please contact us and a Publishing Advisor will be happy to help.

eBook Publishing Package

Due to the global pandemic, eBook sales are increasing considerably, thanks to the closure of many physical book stores. Publishing your book in eBook format means that your book can be purchased and downloaded instantly.

Our eBook publishing package includes all the services you need to see your book in eBook format - ISBN, cover design, proofreading and copy-editing, eBook formatting and conversion and opportunity for sale via all major eBook retailers - Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, as well as many others.

In a nutshell

Amateur eBook publishing can be difficult and problematic, as errors can often arise in the coding that may cause the files to be rejected by retailers. Tell-tale signs of a poor quality eBook include errors in the eBook coding and messy formatting and/or hyperlinking. As we use eBook publishing specialists to convert our files, we are able to guarantee the quality of the eBooks produced. All eBooks supplied via our distributor to the online retailers are DRM protected, which restricts non-permitted sharing, copying and printing, so you're in safe hands!

What does the package include?

  • ISBN Assignment = We will provide your book with its own unique ISBN as part of the publication process. The ISBN is the legal labelling of a book and is the way of identifying each individual book from all other books by libraries, bookshops etc.
  • Proofreading & Copy-Editing = Our team will provide you with high-quality, comprehensive editing by an expert Writing Advisor, who will take into account your preferences, followed by a further two proofreads so that your book is read through by three different pairs of editorial eyes
  • Cover Design = Pick between a bespoke graphic design or illustrative cover, created to represent your vision by a member of our talented design team
  • eBook Internal Formatting = Your cover and internal files will be formatted to ensure they are suitable for conversion into eBook format. eBook retailers can be very picky about the specifications of the files, such as how many words per page, spacing and sizing, not to mention the use of external links, so it is important that these are formatted and presented correctly when eBook publishing
  • eBook Conversion = Your book will be converted into eBook format so that it can be read on e-reader devices
  • Electronic Proof Production = An electronic proof copy of the eBook internal formatting (pdf format) will be sent to you, for your approval, prior to eBook conversion. Then, the eBook itself (ePub format) will be sent to you for your final approval
  • Legal Registration of the Book = The text’s metadata, together with the publication date, will be sent to Nielsen Book Data for inclusion in their database used by the book selling trade. This information is used by bookshops/wholesalers for ordering purposes
  • Global Distribution = Once published, eBooks can sell indefinitely all across the world without any reprinting and distribution costs. You will have the opportunity to focus your sales specifically on Amazon or distribute to other major eBook retailers including Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon Keyword and Category Research = Using top industry specialist software, the team will do an extensive keyword analysis for your book to help pick the strongest keywords to give it the most potential. They will also perform extensive category research to help find niche categories to get you more sales. This research also helps establish how many sales that day would be needed to make the book rank in the top 10, as well as how many are needed in order for the book to be the new #1 bestseller
  • Amazon Analysis and Marketing & Aftercare Service = The team are experienced in helping authors increase their book sales and category rankings, specifically on Amazon, and will provide advice and guidance ensuring that authors have the best chance of success

Guiding you through the process will be a dedicated Account Manager, who will be your personal contact during the children's picture book publication process and can discuss options with you from a professional perspective. With some companies, you may end up speaking to 10 different people. Instead, we feel assigning an author an Account Manager means that you can really get to know each other and they will always be on hand to ensure you feel reassured, comfortable and enjoy the publishing process!


I'd like to convey my appreciation for the help, guidance, support and patience from Jaide, Ellie, Billie and Gemma. This is my first experience of publishing. I would certainly recommend Rowanvale Books.

Frances Parker-Smith, author of Carmichaels' Diamonds

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“When I found Rowanvale, they seemed like the perfect publishing house for me and my books, almost like it was too good to be true! But they really are everything they say they are.”

– D. Bishop
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