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Publication Packages

Not sure where to start with self-publishing your book? Save time by selecting one of our ready-made Publication Packages! From editing and cover design to distribution and marketing, if you want to take your book from start to finish (and them some!) then we can help you every step of the way.

Whatever your self-publishing needs may be, we offer a range of high-quality publishing packages to suit you.

Don't worry if you're not ready for a full self-publishing package. Many of our services are available individually, plus we have advisory services for before and after publication, so perhaps have a look at the services and get in touch for more information.

Paperback Publication Package

One of the best parts of writing a book is holding that first, finished copy in your hands. If you've ever wanted to see your manuscript take form as a physical book, you're not alone. Many authors work with us to bring their book to life, and we’ve designed our Paperback Publication Package to help you achieve just that.

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eBook Publication Package

The eBook revolution has changed the self-publishing landscape beyond all recognition in recent years, and many authors are taking advantage of this. Our eBook Publication Package allows you to convert your book in to the three main eBook formats, and our global distribution means that your manuscript can be available to eBook readers across the world – in an indefinite supply!

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eBook and Paperback Publication Package

The best of both worlds, and our most popular Publication Package. For the author who wants to reach all markets and connect to all readers, the eBook and Paperback Publication Package is ideal. By selecting this option, you can tap into the increasingly popular world of fast-paced, electronic downloads and still achieve that goal of seeing your book on the shelves and signing copies at the launch.

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Children’s Publication Package

See your children’s stories brought to life in high quality, full colour paperbacks that are available for sale around the world. A key feature of a children’s book are the wonderful illustrations that bring vivid imaginations and book characters to life, and so eye-catching, bespoke illustrations are always available as part of your Children’s Publication Package.

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