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Scanning & Typing Service

If you have produced your manuscript by hand or using a typewriter, you can use our scanning and typing services to convert it into an editable Word document format, suitable for publication.

In a nutshell

The Scanning & Typing Service means that handwritten or typewriter-produced manuscripts can be converted into editable, workable Word documents, ready to be submitted, edited and published as the author wishes.

What it costs

Scanning Service = Example cost for manuscript of 70,000 words (based on standard typewriter formatting and line spacing) = £528.00 (16hrs labour time). 

Typing Service = Example cost for manuscript of 70,000 words (based on legible handwriting) = £792.00 (24hrs labour time).


The scanning and typing services includes conversion from hard copy (e.g. handwritten or via a typewriter) to digital copy (via either scanning or typing), quality control checking (in order to ensure the electronic copy matches the hard copy) and formatting (to tidy up the electronic version so that it is suitable for submission to publishers, literary agents or for editing).

Why do we do this?

The ultimate goal of many aspiring authors is to publish their book. The majority of publishing companies and literary agents, however, will only accept submissions as electronic documents, produced via a word processing package such as Microsoft Word. This is because the majority of editing is carried out with the use of computer packages or tools and so an electronic copy is required in order to be annotated.

Some authors prefer to use a typewriter or hand-write their manuscript, but these manuscripts are not suitable for submission or publication. This is why we offer the Scanning & Typing Service, to provide the opportunity for authors to have their handwritten or typewritten manuscripts converted into a usable, electronic format suitable for publication. 

How do we do this?

We will first review a sample of your manuscript and assess the following, in order to establish a price for the scanning and/or typing service:

Scanning Service

Suitable for hard copy manuscripts produced on a typewriter or equivalent. Charged at £33ph. Average number of pages scanned per hour = 15 (4mins per page).

Typing Service

Suitable for hard copy, handwritten manuscripts. Charged at £33ph. Average number of pages typed per hour (based on 280 words per page) = 10-11 (5-6 mins per page). Please note this is based on a typing up a handwritten manuscript with legible handwriting and few spelling or grammatical errors)

I found the scanning and typing process very comprehensive and straightforward. It made selecting which poems to use much easier.

Sonya Douglas