Writers' Club

Publication Services

Browse our range of publishing services from the list below! Perfect for authors who have finished writing their manuscript and are moving on to the next steps towards publication. 

Offline Author Service

An alternative way of working together to publish a book, using letters and phone calls rather than email.

Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service

Within this service, your manuscript undergoes book editing, which is then followed by a second proofread and a final quality control check - all of which you can review and approve at every stage.

Custom Book Cover Design Service

Our talented designers will work with you to create a unique, high-quality book cover design.

Book Illustrations Service

Have beautiful, high-quality book illustrations created to bring your characters to life.

eBook Publishing Service

A vital part of the eBook Publication Package, the eBook Publishing Service includes the formatting and e-conversion of your book into the three eBook formats.

Paperback Publishing Service

A vital part of the Paperback Publication Package, this service includes the formatting, book printing and distribution of your title, with your review and approval at every stage.

Literary Agent Service

In this unique service, authors seeking a traditional publisher can work with our marketing team to gain the attention of a literary agent.

Children's Book Publishing

See your children's stories brought to life in high-quality paperback with colourful, detailed illustrations that make your book stand out from the crowd!

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