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Post-Publication Services

Our Post-Publication Services assists you with the marketing of your book including helping gain book reviews, conduct media pitches on your behalf and help you increase your sales on Amazon and hopefully achieve #1 bestseller status.

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Marketing & Aftercare Service

Pro-active assistance from one of our Marketing Advisors to ensure that each author is supported in book marketing after publication, in whatever way they need.

Amazon Analysis

Amazon is the world's biggest bookseller. With COVID-19 dramatically increasing eBook sales, as physical bookshops are now harder to visit, pushing book sales via Amazon should now be an author's top priority. Having a constant stream of book sales through Amazon can be a great source of passive income for authors.

PR Services

We provide book marketing and publicity services via a strategic alliance with selected award-winning UK and US publicity companies. These companies know the book marketing world inside out and are extremely well-equipped to help turn your book into a success.  These companies will take on the marketing of your book for you.

ARC & Book Review Service

Gaining book reviews is often one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of marketing a book. It can be a vicious cycle as, without book reviews, your book is often unlikely to be read. But without the book being read, you are unlikely to get book reviews! This services saves you the time and hassle in getting book reviews, whilst ensuring that it is performed in an ethical way in line with Amazon's rules.