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Paperback/Hardback Publishing Package

Seeing your manuscript take form as a physical book is one of the main reasons that writers wish to publish. Publishing a book in paperback form not only means that you have a physical product to market and hopefully see on the shelves of many bookstores one day, but is a lovely way of sharing your work with friends and family. Our Paperback/Hardback Publishing Package helps authors achieve this.

What it costs

Example Price = £1348.12 (based on 40,000w manuscript)

The price of this service depends on a variety of factors about your book including word count and level of formatting.

For an accurate quote for this service, please contact us and a Publishing Advisor will be happy to help.

What does the package include?

Guiding you through the process will be a dedicated Account Manager, who will be your personal contact during the children's picture book publication process and can discuss options with you from a professional perspective. With some companies, you may end up speaking to 10 different people. Instead, we feel assigning an author an Account Manager means that you can really get to know each other and they will always be on hand to ensure you feel reassured, comfortable and enjoy the publishing process!

Rowanvale blow me away every time I work with them, their wonderful service and attention to detail at each and every point of the publishing process is heartwarming. They are incredible human beings and I cannot commend them or the work they do highly enough...

As every devoted wordsmith knows, the words we pen often come not just from our love of and passion for words, but from years of study, development, practice, writing and re-writing. Our words are the amalgamation of our attempts to excavate, dissect, explore, breathe in and listen to life. They are a reflection of all we have discovered and of all we have yet to learn. Sometimes those words echo aching hope and bitter disappointment. Other times they sing, dance, laugh and paint wonderful pictures before the eyes of our souls.
Words can and do bring revelation, understanding, health and wellbeing, and often, even though they may challenge us, they also help to restore our faith in life, in humanity.
With all this in mind it is easy to see why it is imperative to find the right publishers to work with. Publishers that not only understand and get where you, as a wordsmith are coming from, but who also believe in you and the work that you do.
For me Rowanvale Books are that publisher.
With a level of professionalism that is second to none, from the very start of the publishing process, right to the finish, they work to ensure that not only the care and support of the author is excellent, but also the end product, your book. Beautifully and lovingly put together in a way that truly captures both the spirit and the heart of your original vision.
Rowanvale Books does what it promises to do. I would like to wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting their work published.
Rowanvale Books; the future of publishing is safe in their hands.…

…From start to finish it has been a pleasure and a delight to work with Rowanvale with excellent support with such a high professional standard... I couldn't recommend Rowanvale, and all their staff, highly enough for what has been such an exciting and enjoyable process… My journey with Rowanvale started in 2014, after the many questions I asked them about their publishing process, and everything they had to offer. From the very start it was lovely to receive such support, together with their prompt and efficient replies which outlined what I think is such a great publishing package from a great team of people. My book has now been delivered after a really exciting and enjoyable time with Rowanvale. I’m so delighted with the results, the attention to detail, the problem solving, and I just couldn’t be happier about the whole experience. Amazing.

Rowanvale Books are a total joy to work with and it is my privilege and good fortune to be able to call them my publishers. Keep Up The Great Work :) Thank You and God Bless you All. #SuperStars :)

Tracey Odessa Kane, author of Valleys Deep 'n' Mountains High, Another Day Someday and 3 other titles
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