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Paperback Publishing Service

If you've ever wanted to see your manuscript take form as a physical book, you're not alone. Many, many authors work with us to bring their work to life, and we’re glad to arrange the formatting, proof and book printing for them. The Paperback Publishing Service is a vital part of your Paperback Publication Package, and includes the formatting of your book, along with the book printing process and global distribution.

In a nutshell

Our Paperback Publishing Service means that your book will be printed in paperback format, including cover and internal formatting of your files, production of a hard copy proof, arranging of legal deposit copies, printing and shipping of author inventory copies and unlimited book printing and global distribution to retailers.

What it costs

The price of this service depends on a variety of factors about your book including word count, number of images included, level of formatting. 

For an accurate quote for this service, please contact us and a Publishing Advisor will be happy to help. 


Internal and cover formatting, ISBN assignment, setting of RRP, barcode and publisher imprint, printing and shipping of a bound proof, fulfilment of legal deposit copies, 20 x complimentary author copies, unlimited book printing and global distribution. 

Why do we do this?

One of the final steps in a Paperback Publication Package, the paperback publishing process takes the edited manuscript and cover design and prints them in paperback format. Global distribution for your title is included alongside book printing, though authors may choose not to distribute if they simply wish to have a short print run.

How do we do this?

The formatting stage of the Paperback Publishing Service includes the layout and typesetting of both the internal and cover files, as well as assigning the book an ISBN and including the RRP, barcode and publisher imprint, ensuring that the book is suitable for paperback publishing. Digital proofs (e.g. pdfs) will be sent to you for your approval at every stage, and one physical, bound proof will be produced and sent to you for your review and amendments (and, of course, for you to keep).

You will receive 20 complimentary paperback copies of the book, which will be shipped directly to you for you to sell/distribute as you wish. You would then keep 100% of the royalties from these book sales. This allows you to test the market and to utilise your contacts to sell the printed paperback versions and keep all royalties from the book sales. The service includes the cost of postage for the complimentary author copies both within the UK and internationally, to any country in the world.

We also arrange to send set copies to the British Library and other specific libraries across the UK, which is required by law.

Once published, your book is available for unlimited book printing and global distribution. One of the retail outlets for your book will be our online Book Store, along with distribution to over 39,000 retailers including Amazon UK, US and more. Your book will be available to popular book stores and suppliers in the US (such as Barnes and Noble, and Baker and Taylor), as well as UK retailers such as Waterstones, Blackwells and Gardners. Australian retailers include Fishponds and Booktopia, and further distribution is available in India, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Russia and the EU. 

I would like to thank everyone at Rowanvale Books for all their help in getting my first book published. In particular I would like to thank Tessa for taking me through the whole process up to publishing and then Bethan for all her hard work with the marketing etc. I would also like to thank Max for his excellent illustrations which have really enhanced the presentation of the book. I am looking forward to working with Rowanvale Books again with my next writing project. I would certainly recommend Rowanvale Books to other independent authors.

Tom Kerr, author of Octave
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