Writers' Club

Megan M. Jones

Introducing Megan M. Jones, passionate writer, fantasy enthusiast and our youngest author! Megan is a bilingual Welsh teen with a bright future ahead of her, and we're very proud to be here at the beginning with her first self-published book, Thunder Paws...

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Megan Jones, I’m 14 years old and from Cardiff. Writing has always been my passion, and I wrote my first book at age 7, about a boy at Christmas time, which my mum had made into a keepsake book for me. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped writing, and Thunder Paws will be my first published book. I am bilingual and I go to a Welsh school. My hobbies include rowing on the river Taff, spending time with my friends, and procrastinating from school work.

What first inspired you to start writing?

Since I was 4, I’ve visited the Hay Book Festival annually, and there I’ve had the opportunity to meet many amazing authors such as Julia Donaldson, Judith Kerr and Michelle Paver to name a few. They’ve been a huge inspiration to me, and I always liked to imagine myself being like them one day. With the publication of Thunder Paws, that dream is coming true.

What made you want to work with Rowanvale and be published?

Of all the things, it was the worldwide pandemic that inspired me to publish my book. Being stuck inside for months led me to look through my old things, and I found a poem I’d written when I was 11. I decided to draw pictures to go with my story, and realised then that I wanted to share my book with the world. Rowanvale is a friendly, local publishers, and my aunt, Victoria Brotherton, recommended them to me as she has published her book Snoring’s Boring with Rowanvale.

When you’re not writing, what are you reading?

I like a variety of stories, but my favourites have always been fantasy. I love magic and mystery, and I’m currently reading the Red Queen series. I also love the classic kid’s books such as the Northern Lights Trilogy and of course Harry Potter, which I’ve read at least 3 times!

Which work are you most proud of?

Thunder Paws is definitely my proudest work, and I’m excited to share it with the world.

What’s your best advice for handling writer's block?

To be honest, I struggle with writer's block quite often, and can find it difficult to get past sometimes. My best advice would be to step away from what you’re doing, maybe take a walk to clear your head. When you get back, try to focus on a different part of your project. If you work around it, the bit you’re stuck on might just come to you.

What’s one thing you always have with you when you’re writing?

I always like to make sure I have snacks nearby when I write - it’s hungry work!

What is the one book you would take with you if you were stuck on a desert island?

I would probably choose Michelle Paver's Wolf Brother, which is my favourite book. I love the closeness between the wolf and the boy, and the magic intrigues me. I’ve always envied the simplicity of life for the hunter-gatherers in this book, and like to imagine how it would feel living like them.

What is the best part about being an independently published author?

Seeing my work in print has been incredible for me, and I’ve loved having complete control over the process, and being able to make all the decisions.

What’s next for you?

I have been working on a fantasy teen novel about a group of teenagers who have the ability to bend the elements to their will, which I’m very excited about. I’ve also been planning a sequel to Thunder Paws, where some new characters will be introduced. I’m excited to see where it will all go. Oh, and I’ve also got to complete my GCSEs!