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Marketing Advisor Service

As an author, one of scariest aspects of publishing can be how to market a book. You may have noticed that successful book promotion isn't easy, and many writers require support with their book marketing. We can break things down so that something as scary and foreign as marketing becomes easy and rewarding!

In a nutshell

You can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to learn how to market a book effectively. Transform yourself into a well-known brand, create marketing campaigns, promote your book to the right people and give yourself the greatest chance of success. There is no minimum contract, and you can use your Marketing Advisor as and when you require them.

What it costs

£33/per hour (inc. VAT). Usually 1 hr per month. 

If you live outside of the UK, please ask your Publishing Advisor the correct price for your country.


Everything you need to know about how to market a book from in-depth analysis to social media marketing.

Why do we do this?

In an increasingly saturated market, there are so few authors who understand how to market a book successfully. Unfortunately, we see so many published writers wasting their valuable time and effort on marketing tactics that don't work, and we hope to help you avoid falling into this trap. It is essential that authors understand how to market a book with a business-like mindset. We want authors to be able to help themselves, and be able to use the tools we give them to promote future books, successfully and independently.

How do we do this?

As part of the service, you can break down successful book marketing into easy to understand, manageable chunks. Areas that will be developed are:

The service Rowanvale provided to me has invaluable in building my confidence in the world of marketing. Their advice has taught me to think of myself as a brand and helped me to build my online presence, which is vital to the modern author. Whilst April's boundless enthusiasm helped keep me motivated and made the whole process much easier.

Tom Pollard