Writers' Club

Manuscript Guidelines

We hope to provide publishing services to any author that requires them, but must also be clear in our position regarding potentially problematic content. While ultimate responsibility for the actual content of manuscripts lies with the author, we prefer to state from the outset what we, as a company, find acceptable and unacceptable.

There has been much debate concerning responsibility of the content in self-published books, with cases of inappropriate or offensive material finding its way onto retailers such as Amazon. With some self-publishing companies not even looking at a manuscript (or its contents) before offering a contract, we do worry that there will be more problems of this nature. We review and provide feedback on all manuscripts we accept for publication, and will not accept any material that is offensive, inflammatory, sexist or racist, or that preaches hate in any way.

Acceptance of manuscripts is based on the material represented in the submitted samples, prior to editorial feedback, quotation and terms being provided. Should any offensive or inflammatory material become apparent in the manuscript after confirmation (i.e. after terms have been agreed and initial payment made), we reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately. We are not obligated to refund any payment already received. When submitting a sample of your manuscript for review and editorial feedback, please ensure that such sample(s) are an accurate and fair representation of the nature and style of your manuscript as a whole. Please also review the guidelines below, and feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure.

We are not able to consider texts with the following content:

NB: individual characters displaying such views would be acceptable

NB: explicit sexual content between consenting adults (over 18 years), regardless of gender, sexual orientation or sexual assignment, would be acceptable; implied violence or assault (including sexual) would be acceptable; graphic non-sexual violence (e.g. horror/crime) would be acceptable.

NB: ‘true crime’ and ‘true story’ texts, where all names, locations and events are made anonymous, would be acceptable.

Fictional Work

​If the manuscript is submitted as a fictional text, we will assume, and trust, that the manuscript is a work of fiction and, as will be stated in the copyright declaration, that names and characters are the product of your imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. If any characters are even loosely based on real persons or experiences, we strongly recommend that names are changed beyond all resemblance.
Historical Work

If the manuscript is submitted as a historical novel, referring to real events and people, the responsibility lies with the author to ensure that any accusation of wrongdoing against a named/implied person has been confirmed or established legally or historically.