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How to Get to the Top of the Amazon Rankings

The first thing that you really need to know is that your Amazon ranking depends ultimately upon your click-to-sales ratio. Therefore, the things you need to concentrate on most are:  

So, with these goals in mind, your five-step guide to attaining a top ranking on Amazon might look a little like this:  

1.    Identify your target market.  

2.    Do your research!  

Read the five most popular books in your chosen category. Read the reviews that people have written about them. Figure out what works, figure out what doesn’t. Figure out what your audience wants to read. 

3.    Find your gap, and tailor your marketing strategy to it.   

4.    Focus on mediums of maximum outreach, e.g. website, mailing list, social media. 

5.    Ask for feedback of your own. 

Reviews will also help you reach a higher ranking!