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Why should I publish with Rowanvale Books? What makes you different from other companies?

We regularly hear complaints and concerns about self-publishing companies charging extortionate fees, withholding royalty payments, producing a low quality final product and giving very poor customer service. We believe that this just isn’t the way independent publishing should work, given that this is the route many authors choose to take if they do not want, or cannot yet gain, a contract with a traditional publishing house.

Our values are Ambition, Efficiency, Trust, Enjoyment and Energy, and we like to think that we live and breathe these every day. We’ve worked hard to create a company and culture that respects the dedication of indie authors and their aspirations and, above all else, lets authors get on with what they do best.

- Control

We believe in complete author control, and as such we discuss each stage of the publication process with our authors before confirming anything. You have the final say on all editorial points, on your cover design, your illustrations and your RRP, among many other aspects. 

- Support

Each of our authors has their own dedicated Account Manager who will answer any and all questions, and run each element of publication through with you. They are on hand to ensure that your vision for the book is met, and that your finished product is as high-quality as it can be.

- Cost-effective

We keep our fees as low as possible for authors, and tailor our packages to each individual project so that publication can be as cost-effective as possible. We offer a number of flexible payment options to make things easier for you, and we are always willing to discuss new and tailored options for an author if needs be. 

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