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Where does the other 35% go?

Authors receive 65% royalties from book sales and the remaining 35% royalty share is allocated to time spent by your Marketing Advisor for their time in processing all book orders and transactions. This primarily covers liaising with various book stores and retailers, processing orders, chasing payments for book sales and invoices, packaging and posting inventory stock and putting together your royalties at the end of each quarter. The industry standard for author royalties tends to be between 10-20%, which we find very unfair, as a book is an author's life and soul and the author should be rewarded as such. We believe our higher rate of 65% offers a much fairer deal. We are not able to change our 35% share of royalties, as this is a standard agreement for all our clients and it would be unethical if we negotiated a change in our share for one author and not for others. 

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