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What rate of royalties do authors receive for paperback sales via our online Book Store?

For sales via our online Book Store, authors receive 65% royalties for book sales, after a small Paypal deduction. You will receive the best rate of royalties through sales via our online Book Store, compared to other retailers, as the deduction is only 3.4% + 20p.

Books are printed via the print-on-demand method, which means that royalties are calculated, after the cost of printing has been deducted. One of the main advantages of the POD method is that it allows for unlimited printing, as there is no need for reprints or storage of surplus stock, as stock is literally printed to fulfil demand. This is the same method that is used to supply retailers, which makes it hassle-free for the author. There is also no issue of books not being immediately available for purchase, as each book is only printed when it is ordered by a retailer or customer.

The royalty calculation provided below is an example only, based on a book with an RRP of £9.99 and a unit cost of £2.50. 

Paperback sales via our online Book Store:

Paperback RRP = £9.99

Retailer Deduction = 3.4% + 20p

Minus Unit Cost of £2.50

Net Amount = £6.95

Your Royalties (65%) = £4.52

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