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What is the deadline for my manuscript being complete?

A lot of our already confirmed authors are still working on their manuscript, which means their Account Manager can focus on other aspects of publication such as advance marketing and cover design. We do this as we do not believe in putting unnecessary pressure on an author to finish their manuscript in a certain timeframe, as this can often take the joy out of writing. This also means that the author has the additional help of the editorial team and their Account Manager on hand, as they finish their manuscript, should they have any questions. We often find this helps the author ensure that the manuscript they submit for publication is the best that it can be and helps improve their writing skills with the coaching that is supplied. Once a project is confirmed, your Account Manager can send over additional guidance to self-edit your work, and tips and hints for what to check to ensure you are 100% happy with your final manuscript. 

Many authors wish to confirm publication before submitting their final manuscript, as this guarantees their quotes for publication and gives them additional support. We allow a period of six months for the submission of the final manuscript, after publication has been confirmed. 

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