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What is self-publishing and why is it beneficial?

An author who decides to self-publish is in control of all the decisions made about the book. Some publishers may require the author to proofread the final text and provide the funds required to publish the book, while others will have editors and proof-readers in house to assist. Some may require you to provide artwork yourself, while others will have designers who can work with you to create cover art and illustrations (as led by you). However, all forms of self-publishing allow authors a great deal of control over their work, and mean that writers no longer have to wait for the interest of traditional houses to take their books to market.

Self-publishing has now become a viable and professional option for authors, offering editing, formatting, cover design, illustrations, distribution, print and eBooks, marketing and, most importantly, support and advice.

For further information on self-publishing with Rowanvale, visit our eBook and Paperback Publication Services. 

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