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What is ‘sale or return’?

Sale or return is when a retailer orders a set quantity of books and holds these for a set period of time. Any books that have not been sold by the end of time period are returned to the publisher. This means that the bookshop only has to pay for copies of the book that have been sold, which is much less risk to them. The majority of retailers that we work with pay upfront for their books, which is more beneficial for our authors. However, we do offer to supply retailers on a sale or return basis, as this is very important in increasing the marketability of the book. A returnable book is obviously much more appealing to retailers and therefore increases the chances of larger stock being ordered. This is included in our service, whereas other publishing companies charge considerably for this service (e.g. £499 for Bookstore Returnability by one UK- based self-publishing company).

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