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What format do I need to submit my manuscript in?

Manuscripts must be submitted word processed in Microsoft Word (.docx) format, and must be sent over in one document. 

The document must not contain any formatting such as page or section breaks, and does not need to contain headers or footers; these are unnecessary and sometimes interfere with the editorial and/or formatting processes.  Please ensure that the document does not contain indentation created by tabs or spaces. Please be aware that, as part of the editing process, your manuscript document will be re-sized to better represent the final dimensions of your book. This is so that elements such as long quotes (which need to be set out from the main body of the text) can be edited and laid out as appropriate. The font size of your manuscript may also be amended for this reason. The content of your manuscript will not be affected, and exact fonts and styles will be determined later on, in the formatting stages. If your book to be published in a specific font, please let your Publishing Advisor know. 

For more information on submission of final files, please speak to your Publishing Advisor about this. 

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