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What are the advantages of publishing in eBook format?

There are many advantages to publishing books in eBook format. There is no need for printing and with this comes the added advantage that there is no over-printing. Once an eBook has been produced, this can sell indefinitely, as there is no need for reprints or continuous stock management. There are no storage costs, postage costs or credit control costs, which are required when chasing invoices to retailers for stock. Many authors, who are hoping to publish their work but are restricted by funds, prefer to publish in eBook format initially and then often use the money from the sales of the eBook to publish their book in paperback format too. 

We do not advise eBook publication for picture books, as the market is still predominantly paperback for this genre. However, for older age groups (such as middle grade), many children own or have access to e-reader devices such as Kindles and iPads or adults will purchase an eBook to read with a child. This means that eBooks are ever increasing in popularity and the audience is getting younger and younger.

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