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I have heard that there could be a compromise on quality when using the print on demand service, is this true?

Ten years ago, we think this would be a valid argument as print-on-demand books were arguably inferior in quality. However, a lot has changed since then and, today, print-on-demand books are a very high quality, sometimes surpassing books printed on an offset press. The majority of publishers will use print-on-demand technology when certain titles hit a threshold, as it would not be logical for them to reprint large quantities of this any more. The printer and distributor that we use operates internationally and works with hundreds of publishers, both big and small, and they produce very high quality products. With print-on-demand, there may be slight discrepancies between batches (i.e. a slightly thinner paper may be used or a slightly different shade) but this is only really noticeable by the trained eye and the benefits of using print-on-demand, both in terms of the environment, the cost of production (which allows the RRP of the book to be kept fairly low) and speed to the end customer, we feel, entirely outweighs the potential discrepancies.

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