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How often will I receive money from my book sales?

These are paid out every quarter (1st February, 1st May, 1st August, 1st November). As our books are distributed to so many retailers and libraries, and each library and retailer has its own payment terms, sales need to be collated over a few months and then paid out in one payment, rather than at the end of each month. For UK authors, these are paid directly into their bank account, whereas for international authors, these are paid via Paypal. For UK authors, it is the responsibility of each author to declare these payments to HMRC for tax-purposes. For international authors, UK tax will already have been deducted from these payments.

When we pay royalties, we accompany each payment with a royalties statement and this shows information such as total royalties accrued since the book has been published, as well as total payments made to the author and total of copies sold. The statement also provides information, specific to that royalty period. Furthermore, if you have published multiple titles with us, the statement will also provide a breakdown of how well each individual title has been selling. 

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