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How much is it for me to buy additional copies of my book, after my 20 complimentary author copies have sold out?

The calculation for ordering a reprint is:

Quantity x Unit Cost + Admin Fee + Postage = Total Cost

The current admin fee for processing an order is £33.00, but we do offer a lower admin fee of £16.50 for quantities of 20 copies and below. 

We always ensure that reprints will be profitable for the author. For instance, if a book had a unit cost of £2.50, was priced at £9.99 and the author wished to order an additional 100 copies after their initial inventory had sold, the cost would be £290.28 (£250.00 printing + £33.00 processing fee + £7.28). The potential revenue for these 100 copies would be £999.00, so potential profit for the author from this reprint would be £708.72 (as an author can keep 100% of the royalties from sales via their own copies). 

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