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How much control will I have over the publication process?

You will retain complete creative control over the book. We keep the author updated at every stage of the process and you will be assigned an Account Manager, who will be your best point of contact during the publication process and will be on hand, should you have any questions. During the production process, the author is sent a Publishing Preferences Form to complete, so that they can provide as much information as they would like regarding how they imagine their manuscript, their cover, and any internal illustrations to look.

Your Designer will produce concepts for you to review and provide feedback on and you will have the opportunity to make amendments to both the concepts and the complete design, before the final design is produced. During the editing process, the author is sent the edited text on numerous occasions and we use a tool called Track Changes, so you can see clearly the changes that your Writing Advisor suggests and have the opportunity to accept or reject these changes. We send the author soft copy (pdf) proofs and a hard copy proof, so that you are kept informed at every stage of the process and the control ultimately remains with the author.

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