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How long will publication take?

Time-scale depends on the format(s) of the book, but our current time-frame is usually between 3-6 months, depending on the complexity of the book. This is to allow for the editorial process, cover design, production of illustrations, eBook and paperback formatting, e-conversion, global distribution set-up and then print and distribution. 

We are fairly flexible with regards to publication date, however, and if there are certain dates in mind that you would like to time the release date for, we can definitely aim to factor this in. 

Some companies publish faster than this, however, this appears to us like more of a 'conveyor belt' approach, where the company is more focused on how many books can be published, and to publish these, as fast as possible, in order to accept more work. This is part of the reason why many other companies end their contact with the author on publication date, leaving the author to market and promote their book alone. We pride ourselves on providing authors with complete control over the publication process and providing multiple opportunities to review and make suggestions. We also find that some companies put pressure on authors to review documents within a day or so and this pressure can take the enjoyment out of the publication process. 

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