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Do I need the whole editorial process, if my manuscript has already been edited elsewhere?

If your manuscript has been edited externally, we may be happy to not include the full editorial process, as this isn't likely to be needed. However, we will need to include one proofread. This is one of our basic standards as it is in the author's best interest, as well as ours, that the finished product is at its highest possible standard. We would not feel comfortable with proceeding to publish a book without this one round of proofreading, as we want the author to have the best chance at success, and readers and reviewers may be put-off by reading a book that may contain spelling/grammatical errors.

For us to blindly publish without proofreading it ourselves would make us guilty of vanity-publishing, which is not what we do, as it is important that the team is aware of the content that we are publishing, so it must be read through by one member of the team at least.  

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