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Can my book be returned to me at the end of the Marketing Advisor Service?

We request for authors to possibly send us a copy (preferably in paperback, if available) of the books that they would like assistance with, as this means that your Marketing Advisor can thoroughly look through your books and can provide you with the best level of support. As part of the Strategic Marketing Review, your Marketing Advisor will undertake Product Analysis, which will help you understand exactly the product that the customer receives and can advise you much better during the service. Without being able to view exactly the product that the customer receives, your Marketing Advisor may not be able to provide such a thorough advisory service.

We can either return these books at the end of the service (if the author covers the postage) or we can retain the copies and pass them around the office and to neighbouring businesses (with your permission) after we have finished with them, so that it increases exposure for the authors we are working with. It is completely your choice whether you wish to (or are able to) send across a paperback copy of your books and whether or not you would like these returned at the end of the service. 

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