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Can I withdraw from publication at any point?

Once the Terms & Conditions have been signed and initial payment has been made, this signals confirmation by the author of the start of the process and, unfortunately, we are unable to offer an opportunity after this point to withdraw. This is because once publication is confirmed, cover designers, editors and other members of staff are liaised with and deadlines are set, in order to ensure the process runs smoothly. Once work has begun, we are unable to refund any payment for work that has already taken place, as much of the publication fee covers labour costs for the various parties involved. If you wished to pay in multiple payments over the eight/nine month publication period, this often helps reassure authors that they remain in control of the publication fee, as each payment is often every couple of months (as opposed to one payment only at the start of the process). However, failure to meet payments on time and/or pay the full publication fee may result in the publication date of your book being put on hold.

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